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How Far Can You Go Just to Play Your Favorite Mobile Game?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by SimplyD, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    Yes in fact the Criminal Case from the Play Store is similar to the one on Facebook. Yes clash of clans is definitely a very good one. I used to play it on my previous mobile and you reminded me of it again. I will download it soon. Thank you
  2. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    haha, "Chief, you gotta come back and visit your village". I've been addicted to this game, clash of clans, i just don't know why I can't leave this game. There is always a minute in the day that I use to play this game. Anyways, better get back and fix your village. Lot of updates has been added. ;)
  3. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    Nope, I do not play games until past bed time because my eyesight is failing too. I had been watching Korean dramas and blogging until past midnight that my eye vision had became blurry. I do play apps games for a short time, maybe 20minutes and stop, do something else before I continue again. I am not that addicted to games. Maybe I am too old for that.
  4. overcast

    overcast Member

    I think these days for the shadow warrior and the spirits on Android are good enough. And it can some of the times make me addictive. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. But based on what I have seen so far, the games are definitely good enough on many ways. I think it's just too good to play them some of the times.
  5. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    I already downloaded the game and has started playing it too. How I missed playing this game.
  6. SimplyD

    SimplyD New Member

    Same here with me. My battery gets drained so fast indeed when I am playing games. So much so that I am planning of buying a powerbank , so that when I travel I have a ready charger for my phone's battery.
  7. TheArticulate

    TheArticulate Member

    I don't play mobile games too often, and I don't stay up too late playing them, either. If I don't get enough rest at night, I'll be exhausted for work. In general, I try to only keep a couple games on my phone at a time, because I don't like having the temptation of video games following me everywhere I go, since my phone goes everywhere with me.

    In general, I'll play phone games when I have a little bit of down time during the day, like on my lunch break or for a little bit after work. All in all, I'm not a huge mobile gamer.
  8. Fuzyon

    Fuzyon New Member

    I'm this way with some of my PC games but never with a mobile one. I haven't found a game on my phone that manages to hold my attention for longer than a week so I'm still on the lookout for that! :D
  9. augusta

    augusta New Member

    I have stay out very late to get my phone charged just to complete a level game.I couldn't just sleep without completing that level,there was no light and l left my neighborhood to charge somewhere else.
  10. hermessantos

    hermessantos New Member

    In the past I've been addicted to games. But today I have a wife and a house to support, so I definitely try to control myself with games so I do not have social problems.
  11. John Patrick Dimaano

    John Patrick Dimaano New Member

    I really like a mobile games i remember my first mobile game is candy crush where i was chasing my brothers level even if its past 12 midnight i still playing for just to keep in the level but after that clash of clan released and i totally spend most of the time i did not attend most of my job interviews and sometimes i did not sleep just to keep pushing to the limit.
  12. AmieBotella

    AmieBotella New Member

    How far would I go in playing my mobile game? Well, far enough to sleep late and wake up early. I am one of those who plays and plays and then suddenly just rests when I realized no real work was ever done lately.
  13. lucykups

    lucykups New Member

    Oh yes, I remember when I was so addicted to Clash of Clans that many times I had to stay awake even tho it was too late, or just wake up between sleeping hours to update on the game and for battles. Good thing it sort of cooled down for me, since I'm quite addicted to LOL now, but not as much as I was with COC. The bad thing about being addicted to LOL is that I really love buying skins and it almost cost me hundred dollars for them.