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How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Heatman, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    Despite other people telling me that it is a bad thing, I plug in my phone or my laptop when it is low on battery and I continue on playing whatever game I was playing. Although there are cases while playing on mobile phone where I have to stop and wait for it to charge, especially when I am charging using a power bank as it can be tiring to carry the power bank along the mobile phone too. I always make sure that I am not low on battery when I am playing mobile games. I don't last for more than an hour of playing on a mobile game since I mostly play PC games anyway.
  2. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    Personally, I play with my phone or laptop plugged all the time. In the first case it's because my phone dies very quickly (iPhone) And in the second it's because my notebook is old and tired and I can always use the extra performance boost
  3. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru New Member

    I find the nearest save point and either turn it off or plug it in. I usually have all my devices recharging when I go to sleep anyway so it's not a big deal. I take it as a message that maybe I've been sitting too much if I actually outlast the charge in one of my devices and try to go do something physical to get the blood pumping.
  4. xagiate

    xagiate Member

    Hmmm nice question! Technology changes from day to day. Technology on our mobile phones has changed in terms of hardware and software. Oled touch screens , apps and notifications added. Smartphones started to functioning like PCs. The need for power is more important now than ever! In the 90's phones were simple and battery worked from 6 to 7 days with one charging. So as far as the mobile gaming is concerned i use one of the best Premium Powerbanks in the market. The Romoss Sailing 6 with 20800 mah and fast charging. I can charge my iPhone where ever i go. I use it for more than a year now. I think a powerbank is the best thing you can buy to refill your batteries on the go and play your games. On the PC and the consoles things are far more simple. I use a cable! I bought a 3m cable micro usb for my PS4 controller and Xbox one. I am an old school gamer so it does not bother me. Especially if i am playing games like Nioh or Dark souls or online games where you have to play for many hours and have the smallest input lag connecting your controller with a cable is the best thing you can do!
  5. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy S8+ will go about 5hrs when gaming so there is a enough time for me to play without having to charge the battery. Because these days I am only playing 1~3hrs a day. And as for my Xbox One S controller that I use on my pc, I have 2 sets of rechargeable batters that I swap out when one set gets low.
  6. jitendra0341

    jitendra0341 New Member

    It generally happens with games playing on the laptop and mobile that we loose charging.I plug in my laptop or mobile to the charger at the time of playing games. It save the obstacle made by battery and I get tension free game play.
  7. Clara1993

    Clara1993 New Member

    Low battery sucks for sure!! I hate to have to restart a hard level after when a battery dies on me! So I make sure that I get settled when I'm playing whith my phone I use pawer bank to continue playing and if I am playing with my computer I make sure that I'm settled somewhere I can connect it to electricity.
  8. manmad

    manmad New Member

    You always gotta keep your phone charged to 100% if you wanna play some games on it, you never know when you might need your phone, so you should always have some battery for this and that. I'm not much of a mobile gamer, but I definitely use apps that drain a lot of battery, so I usually always charge it to the maximum.
  9. felabruno

    felabruno New Member

    I try to always carry a powerbank with me in case my phone battery runs out. I rarely go out with my laptop so I don't worry about its battery. My biggest concern when I play mobile games on my phone is when it gets too hot. I am afraid of it overheating.
  10. Ash

    Ash New Member

    I'm just going to assume that you are talking about controllers whilst gaming. I sit pretty close to my TV whilst I'm gaming because most of the time I play Rainbow Six Siege. And you just can't be sitting far away from your TV because fractions of seconds can make a massive difference so you really need to be able to react quickly and see everything clearly. So it's not a huge problem when my controller is starting to run out of battery. I just put the USB cable that Sony has given to everyone and plug it into my PlayStation 4 console. Because of how close I am to the PlayStation 4 anyway, the length of the cable is not really a problem for me.
  11. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    I remember playing my GBA as a kid and had to play through the Battle Tower minigame in Pokemon with a dying battery. If you don't know, Battle Tower is more like a continuous Pokemon battle, with the only way to stop is if you lose. Resetting the game outside the save points would mean that you forfeit the entire round, to prevent those who reset the game to their save point if they lost. So it was basically playing with fire as you really didn't want to lose, but you also don't want your battery to die out and let the game assume you were trying to cheat.
  12. xXInfectedXx

    xXInfectedXx New Member

    If I'm playing on my Laptop, and it has low charge, it's a inconvenience. I will go and plug my charger in as quick as I can. It's annoying when this happens.