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Discussion in 'Heroes of Newerth' started by cyberpinoy, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. cyberpinoy

    cyberpinoy Member

    What is your favorite hero to use and why?

    My favorite Hero is Thunderbringer. He is a weak hero soit is important to stay clear of danger. the secret with TB is you want the enemy to see and feel the pain of your lightning but never see you. I also like he can hit every hero on the map 2 times in a row if you have the restoration stone. A good gamer using TB can be an asset, it is important as TB you play the role of support and ward for your team too. It is not that hard if you are watching the map and the enemy's cause you can easily kill an enemy who just left a battle but has very little health, and you can do it from anywhere on the map, you can even wait until he goes into the fog of the map and still kill him.