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Great Counter Strike Youtubers

Discussion in 'Counter-strike: Global Offensive' started by god of war 2, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. god of war 2

    god of war 2 New Member

    Are there any decent CS youtubers you watch? I've been looking for as many as possible so I could set up a work playlist. I'm especially in need of youtubers that focus on tactics and education -- how to set up smokes, how to calm down, the best way to practice spraying, things to that effect. I've found TheWarOwl to be pretty great, he's funny, informative, and does casts of most of the major games, but he's probably the only youtuber I know to satisfy all of my needs.
  2. Mangasniko

    Mangasniko New Member

    Another good youtuber is BananaGaming, he makes a lot of tutorials and helpful tips on how to play CS:GO! You can also watch LongBarrel who is informative and can teach you how to play cs:go or different tactics to perform with your team!
  3. Atropia

    Atropia New Member

    For smokes and spots, I recommend Cruxal and his No BS tips which give you the smokes you need per map, though he doesn't really upload quite often, however you get the maps that everyone play.
  4. Bear

    Bear New Member

    One of the best Youtubers that offers game play advice and tips is TheWarOwl. I've learnt a lot from him and he's definitely worth watching. If you are interested in skin and item Youtubers, MCSkillet is one of the best. Other than that Trilluxe and BananaGaming are also great. Check them out and let me know what you think.
  5. Tronikart

    Tronikart New Member

    Womble womble womble womble! Man that man is great, he is not good at it, but his videos are gold, his friends are good at it, which makes it better, every video of him is hilarious, he also does other several games, highly recommended, his channel is SovietWomble.
  6. NotCasual

    NotCasual New Member

    'voo csgo' pretty much has it all covered. He's very underrated and thus doesn't have that many subscribers. But other than watching guides I also recommend watching pro POVs from people like rain and KRIMZ. By watching their POVs you learn how to position yourself and what decisions to make in certain circumstances. Watching good players in any type of sport has been proven to help you improve, in case you didn't know :) POVs are also much more helpful than watching tournaments since the cameraman just flicks to the action, you really need to see what happened before and after that.
  7. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    I saw one where he headshotted 3 people at once with one bullet and one motion. I thought it was either pure dumb luck or he got autoaim installed or something. Nevertheless, these types of videos always seem to go viral on Youtube and people in the comments all debate whether it was real or not. It's a proven formula, and it easily gets people to watch and see it for themselves.
  8. overcast

    overcast Member

    I follow two youtubers who are also on twitch, they are playing CS Go and Injustice 2 these days. One being CarryMinati and Another being DanikkaJ. Both of them are good players and they show you in depth idea about the game it can be interesting to see how the CS go is getting popular even to date. I wish to broadcast on twitch someday if I get speed corrected.
  9. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I tend to prefer watching CS:GO in the form of streams on platforms like Twitch.tv. I feel like it's more exciting watching in real life time rather than in the videos or montages.

    However, I still have two YouTubers that I love following which are Sparkles and Speedywo3. Speedywo3 doesn't only make CS:GO videos but other games as well. He is really entertaining and funny - his funny montages are the best. If you manage to stay serious while watching those than props to you! And Sparkles is another CS:GO Youtuber. Pretty good skill and great videos. He makes tons of new content frequently and is at almost 2 million subscribers.

    Check them out :)
  10. djdanilo

    djdanilo New Member

    As you said, probably one of best CS:GO youtubers is TheWarOwl. I think, everyone that's played even a little bit of CS has seen some of his videos on youtube. I would also recommend watching JoshNissan, he is a former professional player, he currently streams on twitch and makes CS:GO tutorial videos. Also, one of good ways to learn, is from watching demos of professional players on different maps, you could learn a lot about decision making and positioning.
  11. Hikin33t

    Hikin33t Member

    Does Dr. Disrespect still play CS? Or has he complelely moved to PUBG now?