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Give me reason to play Rift.

Discussion in 'Rift' started by Avex, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Avex

    Avex Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

    Hey Rebels!
    Recently I looked into playing rift, no much really struck my fancy and really intrigued me, but that's just me. I'm really eager to download it and give it a go but I think I require a bit more of a nudge to give it a shot. What's good about it, what's bad about it, and what's in the middle?
  2. Saffy

    Saffy Member

    I would like to read this and see what people see in it because I have never found an interest in it. I played it for maybe 1 day when it came out and that was about it and 1 day when it became free to play.. I didn't really like anything about it at the time, not sure about now. If people say good things, maybe I'll give it a try
  3. BrokenDownFlier

    BrokenDownFlier Member

    We'll start out with the obvious: it's free! Yes, you can pay money for shop items but for the most part, everything you need to reach endgame content is available for free. You can even use in-game currency to buy the REX currency from other players so that you can get the extra stuff not easily gained through the game.

    It has some of the same activites as most MMORPG's like crafting, auctionhouses, mounts (ground only), guilds, tons of quests and PVE/PVP. And when I say tons of quests, I mean that you will still be doing quests at max level, including daily crafting quests if you want. They're the usual run of quest styles like: make so many of this item, kill X critters, close rifts, take ITEM to soandso or talk to this person. My favorite is talk to someone standing right beside a quest giver, like they aren't on speaking terms.

    The major difference is that in addition to having two conflicting sides that contend for control, there's also lots of rifts that spew out various elemental mobs to kill for Planarite. This currency is used to buy uncommon, rare, and epic goods. There's a lot of helpful people on the chat channels plus tons of guides for the 4 primary classes and all the possible subclasses. Rift also has a form of player housing that they call dimensions; you can get items to place in your dimension from crafting, looting corpses, daily freebies from the Rift Shop or as quest rewards.

    I can only think of one so-so item worth mentioning and that is collectibles. There are several "artifact" sets that players can collect for various rewards. Collectibles can be either good or bad depending on your point of view. It can be frustrating trying to get everything since these artifacts can be hidden anywhere in the game world, as daily rewards from the Rift Store or as loot. Each zone also has fishing artifacts called trophy fish that can be used in multiple collections but you have to have one trophy per set, which means lots of grinding.

    Right now a couple of the bad aspects are lag and a smaller playerbase. Rift is about to release the 3.0 Nightmare Tide expansion on or around Oct 22nd, so that should bring more players back to the game. Most online games have lag so that's not surprising. One other negative thing is there's no real flying so players either walk, ride mounts or take the portals to get places.

    Anyone else have something to add to this short novella?
  4. januz101

    januz101 New Member

    The good thing about Rift is that its free to play. Though they offer the usual in game purchases for real money, everything is just standard SOP for MMORPG. Nothing remarkable with the game. What you find in most MMORPG they have it. I played it only for an hour and I immediately regret doing so. Factions are limited, nothing intricate to make the baseline of the game interesting. And the sad part is, userbase is only minimal. I was at the starting point in the town, yet I did not see a single sole in that map. Either most of the players are offline or just in a another town. The point ise, theres just minimal to zero contact with other players. And a deciding factor whether a game is make or break is their popularity. Clearly they are not that popular to North American players.
  5. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    There's some really nice RIFT premiums, alongside with Reddit Gold, Twitch 30 days turbo and King Arthur's Gold in the current Humble Flash Bundle, so it might be another nice reason to pick up RIFT. Awesome bundle in my opinion, and it's going to Extra Life children's hospital!

  6. Zyni

    Zyni New Member

    I keep thinking about checking this game out. It sounds very similar to World of Warcraft.

    How do rifts work, are they like a world boss or something? Do you need to be in a group to tackle one and do random groups form for it?

    I heard that the graphics are a bit intense, which is one of the things that kept me from trying it. I mean, it looks like it would be beautiful, but my system isn't exactly new. Is that going to be a problem? I also heard (and see here) that the world is pretty dead. I wonder if that has changed much. I might just have to go for it, since I would really like to find a new game to play. Based on the review by @BrokenDownFlier it sounds like it has most of what I want.
  7. castills

    castills Member

    Yes, Rifts are mini bosses and mobs for a group to work on. All nearby users to the rift can join a "Public group" that will disband once the rift closes.

    It is very graphically intensive, which prompted me to stop playing. A year ago my Intel HD 3000 could handle it smoothly with 25FPS, last I tried last month, I lucked with 14.

    Here's my short review on Steam about it. Gameplay can get redundant without friends or an active guild.
  8. valy

    valy New Member

    Hi, Avex, I think a good reason to play RIFT is that this game its dynamic, it's done an excellent job in exciting players, pulling together the community and is the best player housing system that the industry has seen in years. RIFT has instant adventures with big rewards, and you can play it with your friends!
  9. Neiltarquin

    Neiltarquin Member

    Before i play games because i enjoy playing the game, no other reason. Now we need other peoples opinion so we can decide or next game should be.
  10. BrokenDownFlier

    BrokenDownFlier Member

    So here's one more reason for anyone deciding if they want to play: they just made the newest expansion completely free instead of paying $40USD like I did back in October of last year or $20 like most did from about May 10th until June 28th. You still have to usual paywalls where some things are but the base game and all of the current expansions are now free. If you had an account, just log in and you'll have the new areas but you have to be level 65 to get to them.
    castills likes this.
  11. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    We can't deny the fact that the game's graphics is amazing, the vast open world also makes the game so challenging and entertaining.
    I have played it before and I got hooked by it. Then I eventually stopped because I had to focus on my studies.
    And yep, it's free.
  12. Kharyode

    Kharyode New Member

    You need to play it... Because it a fantastic game.
    Rift is a fantasy free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-
    playing game developed by Trion Worlds.
    Rifts are areas of elemental instability that represent the
    intrusion of elemental planes into the land of Telara.
    Once opened, these rifts begin to spawn monsters that proceed to
    march towards important points on the map. It is up to
    players to defeat these monsters and to close the rifts. If rifts
    are left unchecked, the invading monsters will eventually
    conquer large portions of the map, inflicting casualties and
    significantly hampering the operations in that area.
    Entering the area around a rift triggers a prompt for the player to join a
    public group, rather than forcing the player to manually create
    a group. After sealing a rift, players are rewarded based on
    their contribution to the fight, such as healing, dealing
    damage, or buffing other players..
    Hope you will find it interesting
  13. castills

    castills Member

    Wow, they're getting desperate for (paying) players. I did throw a large bit of money at them back in high school, but by the time that expansion was announced, I was getting tired of the grind. Loved healing and soloing as a mage, but got lost in the 60+ grind.

    Edit: But since I upgraded my PC, I'll try the F2P again for a bit...