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Get Paid to Play Mobile Games

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by lindbergh, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    I'm not sure if you have already discovered this, but there are a lot of apps on the Play Store (and even in the iOS) that pays you to download and play games. I'm currently using the app called Uento. I think it's currently available for Android for the time being. Take note that there are other apps that pay you to play games like Tapporo and Whaff.
    What you would do is to browse through the offers and select what offer you would want to complete. Most of the offers involve downloading a game and reaching a certain castle level or hero level before you get rewarded. Points can be redeemed via PayPal and other gift certificates.

    I have to point out that it is a slow earner because after you complete certain tasks for a game, you're only awarded a few points which convert to a few cents. Still, it's a way to make money while playing games. I haven't been paid yet, but maybe in a day or two, I'll be able to cash out. The minimum cash out via PayPal is $2.50. So if you have the time, try this out. It's cool. :)

    P.S. I'll update you when I get paid.
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  2. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya Member

    This is a fun way of earning money. If we come a good game then it will turn out as a great source of passive income. Though the earnings will be small but I always believe that little drops of water make an ocean so I will eventually reach a payout sooner or later.

    Thank you for the great information. I will just check the Playstore and keep you updated.
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  3. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    Oh, that is fun! I tried applications before that pays while downloading games and using it. I haven't heard and used Uento though I have tried Whaff before. Im gonna check that one soon and hopefully you will get paid on that. That is a fun way to earn cash, play and they give you cash! It will take you time to reach the minimum payout though.

    Thanks for the info bud, we'll surely check that out.
    lindbergh likes this.
  4. overcast

    overcast Member

    This is the first time I came across game such as this. I was not aware of the game before. It seems like a good app that allows you to install and play other games. It seems it;'s not just limited for the games but also for apps. And it seems that is earning pretty good amount as well with paypal. I am going to checkout.
  5. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    Right you are. It's not just limited to games. There are also apps that are sometimes presented in the list for you to download and try. Aside from apps, sometimes you're presented with a video to watch or a survey to answer, both of which would earn you money.
    Hold yer horses there sparky. These apps don't earn you a good amount of cash. These apps could help you make money on side but they won't make you rich.
  6. valy

    valy New Member

    I have tried a paid app where you must play games, watch videos or download the new app to your phone. It was a big disappointment for me because they paid at minimum 10 CANADIAN dollars. It took me 6 months to reach pay out.
    I will not try this kind of app in the future because are a waste of time.
  7. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Yeah, I have previously also tried these sort of apps before. I believe they're the so called ''rewarding apps'' because they give you different rewards. Some of them pay through PayPal and then others offer you to exchange the earned points for gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and others. It's a slow earner like you've said. So, if you are expecting to make a ton of money in a short amount of time this isn't the fit for you. However, if you enjoy playing and testing out random apps (games) then this can be pretty fun.

    I have previously used GrabPoints app, AppNana, AppBounty. GrabPoints was probably the best out of those three but it still took me ages before I could cash out. I gave up with these apps because a lot of them don't offer many things such as surveys and ads for my country. I wish you fun with your earning :)
  8. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I don't know if I would be able to do it. I play games for fun, playing a game to get paid sounds like a job. How long does it take to reach $2.50? I know you said you will get paid in a few days. Is that paid in a few days of playing to get $2.50? Or are you going to make more than that?
  9. overcast

    overcast Member

    Yes noted. Those are not going to make anyone rich. Also they would be not as frequent as they supposed to be for being rich. So it seems like a good option for just random side cash. And maybe cash good enough to buy another steam game. But based on what I have seen it looks like a good platform.
  10. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    To be honest, I've heard of these and participated in similar apps like this in past. Unfortunately, the ones I signed up to weren't legit and took forever to earn. So I began to steer away from these. What also turned me off is that I couldn't find anyone with a success story of actually getting paid once. Let alone consistently. From what I've noticed, a lot of them start off paying, but then dry up over time somehow.

    Judging by your post though, it's worth a shot. Thanks for the information anyway!
  11. overcast

    overcast Member

    I have one local app here named pocket money. That app pays me for downloading the games and playing it for 1 day. After that some compensation amount is added. I have so far managed to get some good earning out of the game. I think depending on the type of category. Some games are worth it.
    Jonathan Solomon likes this.
  12. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac Member

    Sounds interesting. I knew of similar websites that paid to download games and/or leave reviews, but being payed to play, even if they're just a few cents, sounds amazing.
    I'm a little concerned about legitimacy, obviously, especially if it takes time to cash out. A lot of companies try to scam users just like this, so I'm always wary when I see opportunities like this one mentioned around.
  13. victorslide05

    victorslide05 Member

    Did whaff pay you? .what's your experience with them?
  14. vinaya

    vinaya New Member

    I have never earned by playing games. I play games on my hand held devices, however, I don't use apps that asks us to download the game, install it and play for money. It would be good if I could earn from the games that I am playing on my mobile games, however, the games I play do not pay the users, instead they ask for money for installing certain features.
  15. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    That's good to know! Thanks for sharing your experience; I think I'll give it a try. Keep in mind, I am aware some work and pay well. I'd just much rather put my energy towards other methods of small earnings. I'll also let you know how Pocket Money goes!
  16. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    Seems Like a very good idea! However are you sure it's actual money we get and not those "coupons" and other schemes that this kind of site usually trick us into thinking it's real money yes? I'd love to hear more about your experiences when you do get paid, please. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I have tried these apps before and to me they just get way to tedious and take way to long and in the long the run it's just not worth it to waste your time. That's just my opinion from my experiences with these types of apps though!
  18. Clara1993

    Clara1993 New Member

    Hey guys, I alwaysread about get paid to play or download games but guess what it turns out to be people trying to get references for those apps, for example Uento I read that it takes a decade to make $2.5 trust me guys there better things out there worthy your time :)
    Try it and let me know if I'm wrong please because that's from what I read :)
    Seriously there are lots of better ways to make money as a gamer, like creating channels and show of what you got stream live your playing sessions etc
    And good lucks to my fellow gamers.
  19. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    How do you know how much you are earning when you play the games? If it really pays, then it is worth to give a shot. At Earnably, there are games apps to download and earn credits or points once the application is downloaded and activated. However, the player has to play up to level 5 before being paid.
  20. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    I know it can get tedious but if you have interest in trying out new games, this may be worthwhile. I do think that it might really take a lot of time before one can get to the cashout threshold but at least they pay people. I wish you the best!