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Game Rebels Mobile Apps

Discussion in 'GameRebels Announcements' started by Jordan, May 19, 2017 at 3:47 AM.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Administrator


    After months of development from @Aayush, I'm pleased to be introducing to you, our FIRST 100% Completely Native Mobile App!

    Secure & Private!
    Be rest assured that all of our users' data is secured! As per our Privacy Policy, your data never leaves our servers! We do not use any third party service to retain your information or make use of our forums via this app.

    Fresh, Clean User Experience!
    We understand that visiting these forums via mobile devices can be a disaster. Although our design is fully mobile responsive, it just does not beat a native mobile app. The app is designed to be fresh, clean, and have a friendly interface. On both iOS and Android!

    Push Notifications!
    Never miss anything again! You can now receive notifications on your phone when you have new messages or alerts! Never been easier to stay in touch with the community :)

    The apps are free to download and use. So feel free to check them out and get the links:

    The apps are still in development process. We would LOVE for our users to help beta test these and get your opinions on them. We want to hear it all!
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  2. Hux

    Hux Administrator Administrator

    Great to finally see the iOS version of this app. Testing it right now and will post feedback throughout the day.
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  3. MaaattMLG

    MaaattMLG New Member

    This looks great, looking forward to trying this out and using it.