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Fury Warrior Spec Viability

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by JaiGuru, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I began playing WoW in the BC days (how can you tell an old WoW player? They'll tell you. Bah dum TSCH). And since those days I have always mained a warrior. I began on Arms, graduated to Fury after the update on the Isle of Quel'Danas which reset our tallent trees, and switched to Prot full time when WoD released. I'm sort of in the mood for a change now and was wondering if anyone had any insight into how viable Fury spec is in raiding? I have plently of time to rustle up some welfare epics from Argus to be geared, but I don't want to bother if they're not very useful in a team. I'm definitely looking through other sources but I like to get people's first hand experiences because the "authorities" don't always know exactly what they're talking about.