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Open Forum Staff apps are; [Open, Limited]

Discussion in 'Forum Staff Applications' started by Fallenpyro418 (Sparks), Jun 28, 2018.

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  1. Fallenpyro418 (Sparks)

    Fallenpyro418 (Sparks) Community Supervisor Community Supervisor Forum Administrator

    Read the thread title for app status; [open/closed]

    Forum moderators are dedicated and trusted community members who're given positions that enable them to play a larger role in the commuity. Moderators are tasked with enforcing website policies and keeping the peace among fellow members.

    As a moderator you will be
    - Deleting posts that violate our TOS
    - Merging double posts to keep threads clean
    - Issuing warnings to users in violation of TOS
    - Answering questions from new users about the forums
    - Interacting with the community to spread the love

    A certain amount of activity will be required each to prevent your removal from moderator.

    Interested? Apply using the template found > HERE <

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.