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Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks you can use to win more games

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Fornite hit the scene with a wave of followers almost overnight. It had close to 10,000,000 active PvP players in less than 2 months, so we know they are doing something right! Fornites battle royale mode is free to play, so that could have something to do with its overnight success. With this many people playing an amazing game, you will need a competitive edge in order to win. I'm not talking about purchasing any type of weapons or gear in order to have a damage or defense boost, I'm talking about strategies you can use in order to get that last man standing #1 placement.

If you aren't familiar with Fortnite, it's a battle royal type game where you can go in as a solo player, a duo with you and a friend or a squad of 4 and try to be the last man/team standing. The last team to stay alive is obviously the winner and will get a fancy little Marry Poppins type umbrella the next time they jump out of the hot air balloon bus lol. To get the umbrella, you need to win in a solo, duo or squad game. If you win a solo game, you will have the umbrella in your next jump in your solo games, but you won't see the umbrella in your duo or squad games. You need to win in each mode in order to have an umbrella for solo, duo or squads.

Fornite battle royale tips and tricks aren't as obvious as you would think. Some of these tips and tricks I'll be covering were easy to figure out while others took me 80+ games to get that "Ah Ha!" moment. Of course, you don't have to use any of these fornite tips and tricks, but they will definitely help you win more matches if you perfect them :)

Tip 1: Never Jump As Soon As You Can
When you load into a game, you will be on a flying bus going over a fairly large map. You will be able to pick the location you want by pressing up on the D pad then using your analog stick to hover over the area you want to go to and pressing R2 to mark it on your map and compass. Do Not Press X To Mark It! You will jump out of the bus with your map open and won't know you're falling until you press Up again to close it lol (I've made this mistake before).

If you're just starting off, you'll want to avoid named towns and any location the bus will fly directly over. You will want to fly out as far as possible in order to avoid the majority of the players. Later on, when you get better at the game, you can fight over named locations and even some secret locations.

The majority of players will jump right in the beginning for some reason. This just makes it more difficult to loot good items since you're in competition with a ton of other players in the same area. This is why I like to jump to further locations and run inland to where the safe zone pops up.

Tip 2: Learn the Map and Secret Locations
Map awareness is something that every top gamer will preach by. If you don't know where you're going, you will likely run into other players at inopportune moments and get eliminated pretty quick. It will obviously take a few games, maybe a few dozen, to learn the entire map since it's pretty vast. You won't hit every location on the map in your first few games because the bus simply won't allow you to glide far enough due to the location on the map it flies over.

Stick to the shore if you can, and loot any house you see. There are usually chests in the roofs and basements, which can hold some pretty sweet weapons and shield potions. Once you're geared up, you can start moving in closer to the center of the map, if needed, to loot some more and possibly get a kill here and there.

Tip 3: Learn when to open your glider/umbrella
When you do jump from the bus on your first game, you will notice a little glider pop out when you get close enough to the ground. Of course, you can pop the glider out earlier if you want and get to a much further location, but you move a lot slower when gliding compared to free falling.

If your target location is much further than you can free fall to, you will need to pull out your glider early on and coast your way to the location. There is actually a trick to this, you can tap X to pop your glider out and put it back, in order to keep your speed going and stay high enough up so you can get across the map. This will likely be patched later on, but you can use it for now in order to get anywhere on the map :)

It will take some time in order to get use to the drop timing and when your glider will automatically pop out. Eventually, you will know the height in which the glider will come out on its own and you can match that up with the distance you need to travel so that you're not coming straight down on your target location. A good thing to learn is hitting the ground running and not hovering in the air like a lot of people do.

Tip 4: Weapon Variety and Rarity
This fortnite battle royale tip is what will help you stay alive in the 2v1 gun fights and help your team out more often. If you know the rarity scale of the weapon system and how to use each gun, you will win more of your encounters and get to that #1 spot everyone is chasing.

Gun Variety in Fortnite
  • Snipers (Semi-Auto and Bolt Action)
  • Shotguns (Pump and Semi-Auto)
  • Auto Rifles a.k.a. ARs
  • Scoped ARs
  • Burst Rifles
  • Sub Machine Guns a.k.a. SMGs
  • Hand Guns (Revolvers and Glocks)
  • Grenade Launchers
  • Rocket Launchers a.k.a. RPGs
  • The Scar (It needs its own mention)

Gun Strength in Fortnite

Close Range:
  1. Shotguns (Pump and Semi-Auto) - Everyone goes for the Semi-Auto shotgun because it's easier to use. I personally like the pump shotgun because even a basic one will do 256 damage with a headshot, which is enough to take anyone down even if they have full armor.

  2. SMGs - Not many people are using SMGs because they never use to be good. In a recent update they were buffed and I noticed they were dropping people much quicker than before, which make them great in close quarters combat. You can compete in close quarters with a shotgun user since they usually have to 2-4 shot you and you can unload an entire clip before they get to that point, and win the encounter.

  3. Hand Guns (Revolver and Glock) - Not many people are using these weapons because they never did much in close quarters compared to a shotgun. You can reach slightly further than a shotgun with this weapon, which makes it useful when running a duo or squat game. Keeping just out of reach of a good shotgunner is always a good thing to do lol. I prefer the Glock style handgun because it gets 12 shots compared to the 6 in the revolver. You can fire off all 12 shots in the same time you pop off 6 in the revolver. Another good thing about the Glock style handgun is that the sights on screen don't spread much when you're moving, meaning your aim is better than most weapons when you're moving.

  4. The Scar - This gun is just a monster and is something you need to pick up at all times. Use it, love it, win with it.

Medium Range:
  1. ARs - This is the most used weapon right now in Fortnite because it's pretty versatile in close to medium range encounters. I know people who will carry 2 or 3 of these and win most of the time since they don't have to reload their main weapon. They will empty one of their clips, switch weapons and unload the second clip. If the enemy is still alive, they will swap to their third AR and unload the clip to take the enemy out. Since most of your encounters will be at close or medium range, this weapon is what you need to look for and keep in your inventory at all times.

  2. Scoped ARs - These are good at medium ranges because of their high fire rates and the ability to scope in on your target. I don't like them as much because they were actually nerfed and the fire rate is slower than the normal AR.

  3. Burst Rifles - These rifles will shoot a 3 round burst and seem to have a pretty good range on them. I think they do more damage, at longer distances, than the ARs as well. Not many people opt for these weapons because you have to pull the trigger more than once, and they aren't as easy to use as the ARs.

  4. Grenade Launchers - If you see a grenade launcher, pick it up for later on. You won't be using this to fight other people in Battle Royale, you will be using it to destroy the hopes and dreams of other players who are camping in houses or building bases at the end of the game in order to camp the center of the zone where you need to be lol. These puppies fire off a ton of grenades, enough to take down any base with ease. You can usually get a kill or two if you place your grenades just right when taking down a base. Be sure to aim higher with these things because the drop off rate for the grenades is pretty insane. Grenade launchers are great for medium range, but horrible at close or long range encounters. They're bad for close range because you can easily kill yourself with them and they are bad at long ranges because the grenades will explode in mid air before they get to the destination.

  5. The Scar - This gun is just too OP right now and is great at any distance. I've won close encounters against shotgunners, medium encounters with burst rifles and ARs and even long encounters against snipers lol.

Long Distance:
  1. Scoped ARs - A scoped AR is good at long distance because it has increased range, Duh. I still like using a normal AR over a scoped AR because they just don't fire as quickly and it seems like if I need to switch to a better weapon for someone rushing, I never win my encounters with this one. A scoped AR never trumps my basic AR when it comes to my inventory filling up, it doesn't matter the rarity level.

  2. Snipers (Semi-Auto and Bolt Action) - There are 2 different types of snipers, the semi-auto and the bolt action. They do different types of damage because of how they work. The semi-auto will do less damage because you can hold 9 shots in the magazine and fire them off without scoping out to reload, while the bolt action does more damage but you have to reload after every shot. The bolt action was the sought after sniper over the semi-auto until the semi-autos were buffed by 50% damage to put them in line with a similar DPS to the bolt action. Bolt action snipers can 1 shot body shot a person if they don't have a shield, where as a semi-auto can't.

  3. RPGs - I do love a good RPG, but they're only good for one thing, taking down bases at long distances. In close and medium quarters combat the explosion will either kill you or be sidestepped by the person you're firing at. I've fought someone at medium range where they had a rocket launcher and I had a common glock style hand gun, and easily won because the rockets are easy to avoid lol. I usually have either a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher just for people who build bases and I want to take them down. I don't see these useful in any sort of 1v1 encounter since the rockets move so slow :(

Gun Rarity in Fortnite

Each weapon has a rarity scale, which will increase the damage with the more rare weapons. The people who win the match will usually have something that is more rare and less likely be carrying something that is commonly found around the map, but not always.

Gun Rarity:
  1. White/Grey Common Weapons - This is the most wide spread weapon and is considered a "starter weapon" since they are the easiest to find. Don't pass these up in the beginning of the match, you never know where the other players are and you don't want to be caught with just a pick axe lol.

  2. Green Uncommon Weapons - These are a little less common and are quick upgrades to your White/Grey common weapons currently sitting in your inventory. The damages for these weapons are slightly higher than the common weapons, so use these if you can. These weapons are easy to find, but aren't littered around the map like the common weapons.

  3. Blue Rare Weapons - This rarity is more difficult to find and is the start to your end game weapon set up. I will usually switch up my weapon style if I come across a blue weapon that isn't an upgrade to something I currently have. The DPS is a decent jump compared to the White/Grey and Green weapons, so keep these on you.

  4. Purple/Pink Epic Weapons - These weapons are much more difficult to find and you might not come across any of these during your games for a while. Usually these will fall out of a chest when opened, but can sometimes be found sitting on the ground where a White/Grey, Green or Blue weapon should be sitting.

  5. Orange Legendary Weapons - This is the highest rarity weapon you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale currently. If you come across one of these weapons, do not pass it up. The DPS jump for these weapons is pretty good and you can easily wipe out an entire team without wasting as much ammo compared to the other rarity levels.

  6. Yellow Mythic Weapons - This rarity level isn't currently in the battle royale mode, but I thought it should be mentioned since it is still part of the game :)

Tip 5: Killing Isn't Everything
This is one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks I can give you. You don't need to kill 30+ people in your games in order to win. Remember, the last person standing is the winner. This means you can literally kill 1 person and win the entire thing. I've actually gone into squad games where my team gets wiped out and I have to play much more passive since every encounter could be a 4v1. I will take it slow and hide when I can, without engaging, and letting the other players kill each other off or weaken each other enough for me to swoop in and take the victory away from them lol.

Be patient and hide when you need to. Don't take pot shots at people who aren't fighting you, because this will just give away your position and alert both sides that there's a 3rd parth in the engagement. Wait until the firing stops and see who the victor is, usually the winning side will lose 1 or 2 people and that will make it much easier for you to win in the end.

Tip 6: Become a "Bush Wookie"
This is one of my more favorite Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks because it's so cheesy lol. You can literally sit in a bush and become a "Bush Wookie". If you find a nice bush on the side of a hill, you can sit in it without being seen, and then ambush anyone running past you for a quick kill. Bushes on flat land aren't as great because sometimes you're head will stick out, making it easier for you to be seen.

I've literally sat in a bush when there were two teams of 4 left fighting it out for the win. We all knew there were 3 teams left, but they didn't know how many enemies were on each team, but I did :) I sat in a bush until the numbers dwindled down to 3 and then I waited a little longer. I then realized it was a 2v1 but the other team was trying to revive a downed player. I popped out of the bush and dropped the player who wasn't down, winning the game :)

Bush Wookies are dangerous and this is why I sometimes shoot at bushes when the zone is small lol.

Tip 7: Storm Run in the Beginning
When I say you should storm run in the beginning, this doesn't mean that you should be in the storm taking damage while you run. I mean that you should stay ahead of the storm slightly so you know for sure no one will be running in behind you. If you're on the edge, and have been for a while, you know everyone will be in front of you, giving you a strategic advantage. You can also do the same thing with the coast, if the scenario is just right. You can run with the storm along the coast and this means you won't have anyone on two sides of you, making it easier to pin point where your enemies will be coming from.

After the first two zones change, you will need to get closer to the center since the storm will move faster than you can run. The storm will definitely kill you if you're too close to it and the new zone appears on the furthest part of the map, so be aware of where you are after the first two zone changes.

Tip 8: Lead Your Target
This is something that doesn't matter much in close quarters combat but does matter when you're using a scoped weapon like sniper or scoped AR. Bullet travel is something you will need to learn, as well as bullet drop, in order to win a long distance encounter with another player.

Snipers are obviously the weapon of choice for long range encounters since they can shoot the furthest with the most accuracy, but some people like using scoped ARs for some reason (not me).

Learning how to lead your target will take time, because it's going to be different with each type of gun and the bullet drop will be different depending on the range. The further the target is away from you, the higher you need to aim. The faster the target is moving, the more you need to lead it in order to land a shot. A fast moving target that is really far away is going to be an extremely difficult shot and you should probably save you ammo. I say to save your ammo because you'll likely miss the shot and give away your position at the same time lol.

Tip 9: Become Bob the Builder
Now this Fortnite Battle Royale tip and trick is something you need to learn how to do in order to win a lot of your encounters. If you every go on YouTube or Twitch and watch the streamers, you will see that the good ones know how to build really well. They will get shot at, then pull out their building materials and make a wall in less than a second, saving them from death. There have been solo players taking on what seemed to be the entire world, winning everything simply because they were great builders.

I have a few guys on my friends list who aren't great at killing, but are amazing builders, and I want them on my team at all times. This is because they can build crazy structures whenever you need them, especially at the end of the game when you usually need a base to take down the last players within the small zone.

Become Bob the Builder and you will see more wins stacking up in your player statistics lol :)

In Conclusion:
These Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks are something you must learn before you start racking up a decent amount of kills and wins. If you're just jumping out of the bus as soon as possible and shooting everything you see, you're going to lose a whole lot and start hating the game. Be strategic with your encounters and know the map so you can get the loot and move on. Don't always engage one person, you could actually be fighting an entire team and not know it.


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I'II use this when I buy this game now that I want to buy this game thanks for sharing it with @Razzy great tips, by the way, its very helpful even if someone like doesn't have this game.


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I'II use this when I buy this game now that I want to buy this game thanks for sharing it with @Razzy great tips, by the way, its very helpful even if someone like doesn't have this game.

The Battle Royale part of the game is free to play on PS4 :)
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