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Filling the Void

Discussion in 'Rift' started by BrokenDownFlier, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. BrokenDownFlier

    BrokenDownFlier Member

    Noone will admit to playing Rift? Okay, then I'll be the first. I only recently started playing so my character is a level 23 Marksman Guardian with butchery, mining and outfitting as the chosen professions on the Greybriar shard. It's kind of strange not having tons of addons like I did for Wow, although so far there doesn't seem to be many that are required. I did install MapExtension to help me try and find all the artifacts though.

    I do have one minor complaint about Rift though: there's a lot of lag, so much that I hate going into the Sanctum for my daily crafting quests. Right now the worlds seem dead but when the new patch its next week, I'm sure it will pick up. There's some decent players on channels compared to the elitists I ran across on World of Warcraft. I kept getting kicked out of raids for not having the "right" gear even though I was trying to run the raids to get the gear.