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Entertaining board game

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Corzhens, May 19, 2017.

  1. Corzhens

    Corzhens New Member

    I enjoyed playing Games of the Generals in the early years of the new millennium. It is like chess although the pieces are soldiers with military ranks. You see the rank of your men but not your opponent's men. The entertaining part is when a player goes for a kill, either side could emerge winner in that battle. I don't know if the game still exist.
  2. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Never heard of that one.

    My favorite is the classic Monopoly that I still play when my family gathers. It's really fun if there's like 3+ players. I remember when I was a kid and whenever I was the bank, I would cheat so much. I constantly took extra cash when nobody was looking.

    I also loved playing Snakes and Ladders with my grandparents. It was too easy beating them :p
  3. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I'd have to say that an entertaining board game would have to be Payday or Life because they're both very fun and you can play for as along or as short as you want.
  4. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    Growing up, my household favorites were Sorry! and Monopoly. Both were incredibly fun. Monopoly, however, would stretch in duration sometimes a bit too long. Sorry! was a perfect game for the time and all. My dad introduced that game to the family and it instantly became a classic. We didn't play a lot of board games growing up. Mainly because we were too busy battling it out on GameCube! But these two bring back good memories.
  5. Koyomi Araragi

    Koyomi Araragi Member

    You can't go wrong with the classics like The Game of Life or Monopoly. Especially since there are so many different variations of them.

    It seems like every brand/TV show/movie/whatever has its own Monopoly. Look at this list!
  6. BeardedMamba

    BeardedMamba New Member

    Monopoly, it's fun and exciting game, especially if you play it with your friends and family. Main problem is the games takes a few hours to be over, I've never finished a game. We just set a time then count who's the richest one and he wins.
  7. Cauohashi

    Cauohashi New Member

    I love board games, I've had several games. I liked to play chess, but I think my favorite game was Monopoly.
    I spent hours playing with my brothers and best of all was that I always won!!:smile:
  8. overcast

    overcast Member

    I have played a lot of board games specific to fantasy and the mythology genre. The dungeons is one game that I have played a lot. I have enjoyed settlers of katlan, monopoly and few other games. I think puzzle and the mythology games are fun. Some of the games like bejewelled are good too. Time spent well this way.
  9. megaanmaarie

    megaanmaarie New Member

    My friends and I all love board games. Cosmic Encounter is one of our favorites. It's a game of random characters, skills, and chance. For all of us, it's a chance to be a cunning jerk. We also like Cyclades and Ticket to Ride. All are fun to play with groups of people and can even be fun to watch because it's so entertaining.
  10. StolenKid

    StolenKid New Member

    Try risk! entertaining and a total challenge, also try with clue, that's fun with family or friends. I don't fully recomend Monopoly, it makes all of you fight each other.
  11. Cendrillon

    Cendrillon New Member

    Have you tried UNO? It's simple enough to fit in any ocassion and deadly enough for you to hate whoever you started playing it with.
    No, for real, expect things to get pretty intense if you happen to have a competitive friend amongst your rivals.
    Or if you want to find out who's the worst person in your group of friends, go for Cards Against Humanity as well.
    ... Overall board games can end up in WWIII. if you're not careful enough.
  12. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    That game sucked in my opinion. It was always obvious where the general was, since players mostly heavily defend it under layers and layers of soldiers. Nobody would play mind games since they are too paranoid with putting the general at the flank or at the vanguard. It's always under layers and layers of protection, which really makes the game boring and predictable.
  13. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    My favorite board game would be Cluedo. I used to have the classic Cluedo that used to belong to my Uncle when he was a kid and I thought it was a really creative game. Me and my mom used to play it a lot back before I lost it. I thought the game was very clever, guessing who's the killer and all, and it steps away from most board games where the competition is all about a race to the last tile or the last minion.
  14. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Member

    Chess and Monopoly are at the top of my list. When it comes to board games, I think those two representatives are great choices because these games are fun and smart (and I love games that can mix these two aspects :smile:).
  15. Joshmoy

    Joshmoy New Member

    I enjoy board games like Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble and Draught.

    I love Monopoly a lot but it stops getting interesting when I start running bankrupt and I have to mortgage off my properties.

    I also love chess, but it requires thinking several steps ahead. I win some and lose some but I'm an average chess player.

    Scrabble is the game of words and sometimes you could get unlucky by getting too many vowel letters but if you're a good player, you can use this to your advantage.

    Draughts are just played for leisure here. I'm also an average draught player
  16. thart

    thart New Member

    My favorite game of all, Cosmic is far older than any other game here, it's been published by half a dozen different companies, but the way you can mix and match the various alien powers into a vast number of possible combinations means every session feels fresh.
  17. kenoobie

    kenoobie New Member

    My favorite board game currently is Avalon. It is a multiplayer game that puts players in 2 sides. Each player draws a card at the start of the game to determine whether they are loyalist or part of a traitor group. The loyalist do not know who the traitors are and every game there are 2 traitors. The game requires the every participant to think and make a way to somehow convince the others that they are on the same side and of course the traitor does this as well. This makes for a very fun mechanic as you try to interact/bluff with each other. If you're group haven't tried this yet, I suggest to try this out if you have a board game cafe near you.
  18. Neiltarquin

    Neiltarquin Member

    I love board games before. Especially chess, checkers, snakes and ladders, scrabble and Games of the General. The reason why i stopped playing is because no one likes to play it anymore. Except for chess of course, but chess players in the park are huslers. Back to the topic, its really a good way to bond with your family members if your playing board games. Others are just too bored to play board games.
  19. Fuzyon

    Fuzyon New Member

    Monopoly is definitely one of my favorite board games, although here in Europe the game is called Europolis and is changed slightly. I also used to play a lot of Backgammon when I was younger, used to compete with people from my neighborhood and actually became quite good at it. Rummy deserves a mention as well, fun game to play with your family.
  20. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya Member

    Scrabble, Monopoly and Chess were always loved by me. Among all the three it was the Scrabble which I enjoyed the most followed by Monopoly. Chess involved a lot of brain activity as well as concentration so there were times when I avoided playing them.