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Do you still use PC for playing games?

Discussion in 'PC' started by amitkokiladitya, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I have an Xbox One, a PS4 and of course.. my beautiful PC:tonguewink: I don't really use my consoles as my PC heavily outperforms them both.
  2. Makef0rt

    Makef0rt Member

    Consoles are just too costly IMHO. And when the new ones come out, you can say good bye to the old one, even though it might be working fine and everything. The only thing that draws me to ever buy one are exclusive titles, but than again, throwing money for 2 or 3 games, naah. I won't enjoy those, but I'm pretty sure I will enjoy a lot more games on my PC, even when next gen consoles come out.
  3. Denis_P

    Denis_P Member

    Well, while I definitely cannot deny that consoles are undoubtedly getting better with every generation, they still aren't convincing enough for me to make the switch over from PC gaming. At the moment my PC is the only thing I use to play games. However, the amount of exclusive games being released for consoles is becoming convincing enough for me to might want to switch sides in the near future. My computer is starting to slow down with each new release, and instead of upgrading I might just end up picking a console. I might get a Switch because it seems to be the most interesting at the moment.
  4. Makef0rt

    Makef0rt Member

    Honestly, other than exclusive releases there is nothing special about em. When they come out they will cost you quite a nice sum of money. If you already own a nice gaming rig, you can probably upgrade it for the same price if not less and get better results in the end.
  5. Denis_P

    Denis_P Member

    See, were it the case that I had an actual rig (as in a desktop PC) that would definitely be the situation, as something as simple as a graphics card upgrade would be enough to improve its longevity. The problem lies in the fact that I had moved overseas recently, and due to weight restrictions on luggage I opted for buying a gaming laptop as opposed to upgrading my old rig and carrying it with me. And as we all know, upgrading laptops isn't exactly cost efficient by any means.

    That being said, that is why my options are either a console or setting aside money for a decent rig once my laptop passes the point of no return.
  6. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    I use PC and will always use it. It's not that I hate console (I just don't have one XD) but there are major features in in PC that you can't get in a console. For instance, the game. Some really good moba and FPS games are not available in console. And another thing is the graphics. The PC has more FPS than the console because of the graphics card that keeps on popping out of nowhere on the market, which is a good thing of course.
  7. ZXD22

    ZXD22 Member

    I only game on my PC and my laptop when I'm on the move. The PC with the 1080ti GPU can basically run any game in the market right now at max settings and with my 1440p gaming monitor, it makes it a lot more enjoyable and fun! Laptop not as powerful, but still can play most games at low to medium settings, especially for the newer games that come out.
  8. Makef0rt

    Makef0rt Member

    Set some money aside and sell the laptop for some extra dosh as well if you don't really need it. You probably won't get much, but it would still be something. That's how I would do it at least.
  9. dero56

    dero56 New Member

    I'm between my PS4 and PC, with the steam sales on PC, there's definitely no reason to pick up a game you've been wanting to get especially if it's 80% off and on my PS4, there are just so many games that I've yet to complete. Consoles will come and go but PC gaming will always be around just like how mobile gaming is a thing and will be as long as mobile phones are around.
  10. jahanzeb ali qureshi

    jahanzeb ali qureshi New Member

    I love to play games on the PC and I feel stupid to waste a lot of money on each console. It is better to play all of the games on PC as it can be upgraded its software and hardware anytime.
  11. Makef0rt

    Makef0rt Member

    Yeah, exactly. People seem to forget that once you build a decent rig it will still be able to run some titles from the new gen. And consoles come with quite a price nowadays. For that price you can easily upgrade the rig and enjoy the games on PC. And you wont be limited the way they are, you can push the boundaries even further. And with many sites selling games at huge discounts at times, it does pay off to be a PC gamer. The only donwside is that you might miss certain exclusives. Well, honestly, its their loss, companies making exclusive titles could have made more if they actually left that stupid view on consoles vs PC and made it available on both.
  12. Jack_Dan

    Jack_Dan New Member

    80% of the time I play games on my PC and rest of the 20% on my console (PS3). I think I love playing on my PC more because I have been playing games on my PC since I was in school, so I feel very connected to PC games. I do love playing on consoles too, but still, I prefer playing on PC first.
  13. Tills

    Tills New Member

    I used to play 360 a lot back in day but after I bought a gaming PC I wouldn't even really consider getting a console, PC's are just better in general especially at top tier.
  14. Dhanidhamy

    Dhanidhamy New Member

    I only game on my pc when am at school, I install only a few games even though am tempted most times to install more than that, I love games a lot and play at almost any free time I have.
  15. Tronikart

    Tronikart New Member

    Hell yeah! And now even more that I bought a controller, thought it wouldnt do much but there are a lot of games that are way better with a controller that are not on any console, like Lethal League, also didnt think I would like that game as much but I do, its a lot of fun. Dont see myself switching away from PC any time soon
  16. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people use their pc just for gaming. PC gaming can be a lot better than console gaming because of how much more powerful a desktop pc can be.
  17. jahanzeb ali qureshi

    jahanzeb ali qureshi New Member

    I always prefer to play games on the PC rather than a console as I feel the freedom to do anything and I can do whatever I want to. I can upgrade my PC by increasing the size of the disk and the graphics card.
  18. Deathisue

    Deathisue Member

    Yes, for the situation i have to do it, but is a good plataform still with a lot of offers to give, has great games and good comunities, i really like play in my pc and now i a great part of my gaming life.
  19. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    I use pc for gaming since I do not need to buy console. Although there are certain games exclusive to consoles, I have not been interested enough to spend money to get a console. I rather upgrade my PC and buy games from Steam.
  20. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I honestly don't see the need for a gaming PC in my life anymore. With the 4k consoles the different between PC and console is blurred. The difference is graphics is so minute that its hardly worth spending $1000+ on a gaming PC. When you can just spend $400 or $500 and have the same or better graphics depending on what PC that you buy. I plan on getting the Xbox One X as soon as it comes out and I will be more than happy with it!