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Do you rather play alone? Or with friends?

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by luispas, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. iTommy

    iTommy Member

    Mostly games I play as single player and I felt good with that.
    Sometimes I play online games with my friends but to be honest it depends on the context and which games you are playing with.
    For me, both single and multi games have its advantages but If I can select one then I would go with multi players.
  2. airfightermax

    airfightermax Member

    It's really fun playing with your friends! Especially over voice chat so we don't have to talk using the in-game text chat. Also the pressure is somehow off if we are only playing normal games and ARAM, and we almost always try out troll builds, off meta picks and we still somehow win! Toxicity is really low when you play with your friends and that's probably the reason why we always manage to win.

    Ranked games though are an entirely different matter. Most of my friends are in the Gold tier(Some platinum) and I'm only in Silver 4. So the pressure is somehow on to me when we play ranked since I get matched up with Gold players while I'm a whole tier below.

    That's why when I play normals, I prefer playing with friends, but on ranked, I like it more to play alone.
  3. SerSlavos

    SerSlavos New Member

    With friends, always. I am avoiding playing solo because of the random people getting mad at everyone and they are all so negative. When playing with friends, these are the people I know, I can actually laugh with while playing, not lose my hair.
    iTommy likes this.
  4. iTommy

    iTommy Member

    Agree, it is one of reasons why we always want to play multi players.
    For strategy games, I want to play as single player because I can discover how to finish tasks by myself.
  5. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    That's true but it depends on the game also. I do enjoy a good Co-Op game as much as I enjoy a single session. Playing with your friends and sharing a good laughter is great. But sometimes you just want to unwind and forget about a long day at the office. In those cases I definitely wouldn't want other people depending on my performance, the pressure of having your performance, helping or jeopardizing the rest of your team. Sometimes a solo game is all you need.
  6. Alex

    Alex Member

    For me playing alone or with friends if a tough decision. I can't play ranked with most of my friends without going on a smurf, which feels pointless to me. When I play with friends my rank I feel that I lose more than I would solo. Also when I play with my friends we can just have fun, there are no teammates threatening to report us for trolling or flaming us. For that reason I prefer playing with friends, but sometimes I have to leave them so I can grind the solo queue ladder.
  7. DudeInCorner

    DudeInCorner New Member

    It really depends on the day for me. When I play with friends, we usually play competitive team games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike and sometimes I just don't feel like thinking or putting that much effort into my game. Those kinds of days are usually when I'll launch up a singleplayer game and play around casually for a couple of hours. However, there are also days where I can't stand singleplayer and I'm thirsting for a game of CS or LoL with friends, so on my side of things it's definitely just a question of how I'm feeling.
  8. Deathisue

    Deathisue Member

    Playing with friends can be very entertaining, but very frustrating too, which is why I prefer to play alone most of the time, to save me of those unnecessary dramas that I can find in the League of Legends.
  9. tinrmz15

    tinrmz15 New Member

    I would rather play with my friends just to play safe that I will be guaranteed of a good game/win. Playing with skillful players gives me motivation and eagerness to win the game with teamwork. Although they may say that you will learn alone, yes you will learn alone but the stress resulting from unskillful and fed players is too heart-aching and head-aching. I would play normal games with random players but if rank games is the case, I will choose to be with my friends.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 30, 2017, Original Post Date: Jul 26, 2017 ---
    That's also a problem for me when playing solo ranked games, in that random players sometimes have very bad attitudes and mostly trollers :( Instead of me focusing on the game, I get distracted by the things they do. Although it is true that you can learn and standby your skill when playing solo queue but its better for me to have a duo friend because not only that I can trust him/her I also know that we can carry the team.
  10. tingavai

    tingavai New Member

    When I want some relaxing and fun times, I play normal with my friends and we just kind of bicker throughout the game, it's really fun, trolling the shit out of each other, I still remember my best friend using Tahm Kench to devour me, the adc, and then dropped me in front of their whole team, I practically disappeared in less than 1 second, but somehow our team still won and they all joked that I was the most important one, then the next game he chose anivia and just spam w to stop me from doing anything but we still manage to win. Fun times.
  11. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    I prefer to play with a stack of my friends. I find it more fun as we can chat and banter on Discord. Playing alone is fine but there is less interaction so I just focus on my game.
  12. Rebelssis

    Rebelssis New Member

    It depends on my mood. To be honest, my friends who play LoL are really bad at playing. They feed like tomorrow does not exist and do not follow my advice... Sometimes, I do not care about winning at all; I just want to have fun. Other days, I feel very frustrated about their mistakes. This applies for all game modes: ARAM, Solo/Duo Q...