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Champion that you hate playing against the most?

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by pauldox3, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. pauldox3

    pauldox3 New Member

    Who's the champion that you hate playing against the most? Personaly, i'd say mine's syndra. I just hate how she could one shot pretty much any mid laners post 6 and it doesnt really take that much effort for her to do it. I also hate playing against Malzahar as off the moment because he's super OP right now and he counters all my mains. How about you? who do you hate playing against the most?
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  2. TsuyoyRival

    TsuyoyRival Member

    Today I learned to hate Malzahar. That alien humanoid busted champion doesn't require much skill, just press R and do the mini crabs, and ur dead.
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  3. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member


    I have to add my share of the meme's :) Anyway, you've guessed it. I hate playing versus a good Singed. The proxy Singed is the worst kind I have ever encountered. Especially now with his buffs and changes... god dammit, I hate him. The enemy always magically picks him when my champion has zero wave clear so the Singed has a jolly good time pushing the waves completely into my turret then running in between the back ones and farming. Then my jungler comes and dies because he chases him. It's always a great game!
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  4. luispas

    luispas Member

    I can't get over the memes from above :emoji_joy:
    The champion that I hate the most to play against would be Nautilus, whenever I'm on the opposite team of one, I end up loosing and it's so frustrating. That's why he's my #1 ban. The thing about him it's that he always build tank items, so he's unkillable and I hate it. All the Nautilus players are annoying.
  5. Deathisue

    Deathisue Member

    There are many the truth but there is one and only one that I have come to hate with much energy and it is Iloi, that champion is unbeatable 1vs1 his robbery of life is absurd equal her resistance to damage and her damage is too much, leaves me without words how strong she is and yet it is not played very often.
  6. Rebelssis

    Rebelssis New Member

    MAOKAI. Gosh, that haunted living tree drives me crazy! Those little... seeds (?) are really annoying, and his amount of CC is a headache! Also, it takes tons of damage to kill him. For me, he is extremely stressful to play against.
  7. amaranthuz

    amaranthuz New Member

    Well for me DunkMaster Darius, when he gets close to you he will "W'' you, then "Q" you after wards and when u want to run away he will pull you with his "E". The worst is when he maxout his passive he'll DUNK you to Death. used-tolike-basketball-then-igotto-by-darius-dunked-the-poor-274532.png
  8. manmad

    manmad New Member

    Haha, didn't expect other people to mention Darius. I seriously hate playing Darius top, because early game he is just insane and if you allow him to get the first blood then he snowballs like craazy. I like playing a lot of champions and most of them are countered by Darius. Well, he does have his own weakness and if you don't die too much and farm more than him, you can get the upper hand in the middle game.
  9. TheArticulate

    TheArticulate Member

    As an ADC main, I think the champ I hate laning against the most is Tahm Kench. He's ridiculously tanky, and his W gives turns his missing health or whatever into a shield, which makes it near impossible to kill him once he starts to get items. His ult frustrates me too, when he swallows me and spits me out somewhere else.
  10. emoxigh27

    emoxigh27 New Member

    I hate going against Malphite. He really annoys me especially his build is pure AP. I really hate his R because sometimes it makes me surprised and the next thing I know, I am dead :D His Q also annoys me, you'll see your character struggling with its movement while Malphite is running around.