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Can You Cheat On Call Of Duty?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty' started by pizzalover, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. pizzalover

    pizzalover New Member

    I have to admit that I always cheat playing games even playing The Sims. I want to know if you can Cheat playing Call of Duty or not?. Maybe you could write some codes like in GTA Vice city where you could write "letmealone" and the cops forget that they were persecuting you.
  2. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    I am a fair game player and in as much as I have seen some friends cheat just to get to a certain level in some games, I don't think it sounds cool to me. On that note, I don't have any idea on how to cheat on Call Of Duty because I play fair and playing and getting to higher levels in a fair way gives me much excitement!

    Maybe some game players that cheat as well may have a trick on how to get through the levels.
  3. Vladimir Gray

    Vladimir Gray Well-Known Member Forum Administrator

    Well there's ways to cheat on COD... One way I know is either Hacking or using Aimbot or other programs to your advantage.
  4. Fallenpyro418 (Sparks)

    Fallenpyro418 (Sparks) Community Supervisor Community Supervisor Forum Administrator

    Like Gray said unless you're talking about using guides to find collectables or something online hacking or "modding" is really the only way... which I would never recommend.
  5. zdeathclock

    zdeathclock HOI4 Player Owner

    I think cheating for CoD is much exclusive to PC. I am sure there are some for console but PC probably has a much higher rate for cheating. The kinds of cheat though I would imagine would be like CS:GO like wall hacks or aim bot or those prestige hack lobbies.
  6. PorkTornado

    PorkTornado New Member

    I dont know how but I know there are hacked lobbies. I got in one this one time and it made me top level right away. Shit was hype!
  7. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    Yes you cheat on Call of duty you can cheat any mostly all the games there some games that they develop it such a way that if the game finds out you are cheating it may kick you out send on of the game character to chase your character or sometimes just ban but its the few games that do it not all. But yes I have seen cheating happening on Call of Duty Mobile I seen it since I started playing.