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Call of Duty Warzone 2 Update

Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived. Rebirth Resurgence makes its way back to Warzone with the new Ashika Island map. This Japanese styled map will have 7 labeled portions on the map labeled:
Oganikku Farms
Town Center
Beach Club
Tsuki Castle
Port Ashika
Warzone really set it off with Alcatraz and now hope to do so with Ashika Island. They bring new jet skis into the game for the first time. There are also new weapons:
Iso Hemlock(Assault Rifle)
KV Broadside(Shotgun)
Dual Kodachis(Melee)
Crossbow(Marksman Rifle)

The smaller maps have seemed to intrigue the fanbase more than the contentious large maps that Infinity Ward puts tons of money into. This should more than please the fanbase now. They also seemed to dive deeper into the battle pass than ever before.