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Bringing the spark back to Minecraft?

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Nick Palmer, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Nick Palmer

    Nick Palmer New Member

    Hello all,

    When I first bought Minecraft, I loved it! I played it for hours on end, whenever and wherever I could. After half a year of this, I eventually got bored. Then, right as I thought I was through with the game, I found the variety of online multiplier servers available to me. After another six months or so, I got bored again. Then, I found mods.

    My point is, I've ran out of things to do to gain my interest. What do you do to liven up this game? Do you think it needs livening up at all?
  2. DomTheCon

    DomTheCon New Member

    Depending on your mindset and interests, you could find a lot of fun in learning how to code plugins/mods for Minecraft. There are plenty of tutorials online to get you started and I have found Minecraft to be a great medium for your first dive into learning how to code. It will take persistence and motivation to learn how to code, but it can be very rewarding. This is especially the case with Minecraft as even very basic projects can have very visible results and feel very fulfilling.

    If coding ends up not being your cup of tea, you could also spend some time developing your own servers. It can be very fun and enjoyable to host great experiences for other people enjoy. Although I have found that coding and server development go hand in hand, creating a server certainly does not require any coding on your part. The importance is in creating a unique server that stands out above the rest.

    Good luck in rediscovering the endless possibilities of Minecraft!
  3. damowhite666

    damowhite666 New Member

    I bought the game back when it was a beta on PC, I used to run a Minecraft sever too as an admin most of the fun of the game is taken out of it as you're just basically "god" you can do whatever you want and as you have that kind of power you constantly have users who need your help or support with something which became stressful and took up too much of my time so I closed the server and I haven't played since, I really should get back in the game I loved it before I became an administrator of a server.
  4. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    I started playing MC when it was in 1.5.2 after playing for a year I really lost interest in the game as a whole. It was basically the same either screaming or idiotic little kids on a server/network or my ol 15 year old self. I still play but not as much as most people dude. After all the people I have met via Minecraft they have started leaving it all together. I still keep in contact with them and I like to browse different stuff. I don't feel that it should be redid. I have tried coding witch was complete hell. I didn't enjoy Java and it was just meaningless code. I play different games now and don't feel like playing again. I never play Pocket Edition on my iPhone or play the 360 version on my Xbox. I used to run multiple Minecraft servers but never had the money or time to run them and it was all the same. The staff beggers, noobs, or just the douchebags. I'm not saying everyone is though.

    td;dr I've lost interest in Minecraft and not going back.
  5. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski New Member

    The best thing you can do is enhance the game with really cool mods that keep things interesting and fun. My boyfriend uses a mod that makes you learn really cool magic spells and you have to avoid going to the dark size of wizardly deeds. It was really awesome and you had to learn all kinds of different spells to survive.
  6. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    Soon enough, the Better Together update will come online and players from different platforms will be able to play together on public servers. I'm just hoping there would actually be hosting servers that can handle the number of players in the server, because of the increase in population. It would be fun to be able to play with much more people. I have gone through playing mods too and multiplayer so I got bored for a long time that I rarely play Minecraft now. I do check the changelogs for new updates though, to see if it could get me to play the game again.