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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Fry, Dec 27, 2016.

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Besiege is a physics based building game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets. Build a machine which can crush windmills, wipe out battalions of brave soldiers and transport valuable resources, defending your creation against cannons, archers and whatever else the desperate enemies have at their disposal. Create a trundling behemoth, or take clumsily to the skies, and cause carnage in fully destructible environments. Ultimately, you must conquer every Kingdom by crippling their castles and killing their men and livestock, in as creative or clinical a manner as possible!
Players: 1
Co-op: No
Genre: Strategy
Release Date:

Game Trailer
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  1. Fry

    Fry Active Member

    Besiege (PC)
    Developer: Spiderling Studios
    Release Date: January 28th, 2015
    Genres: Sandbox, Strategey, Indie, Simulation

    You may not have heard of Spiderling Studios before, due to the fact that they are only a small gaming company that has released four games. None of these have been as popular as CSGO, GTA, Call of Duty, and even SWTOR. However that doesn't mean they are all bad games. The game that stands out the most to me is Besiege. I have recently bought this game, but I have been interested in this ever since it was in alpha.

    Besiege is a Sandbox type game with many levels and more to come where you must make contraptions such as a car, catapult, and many other things to complete an objective. These can be as simple as get from point a to point be, but also can be as hard as destroy the monument with the monument being on a mountain. Also there is a sandbox mode just for creating random contraptions and testing different things. It has a very medieval theme with the textures, and the technology used. However you can create many modern day contraptions. With this there is a very good community on steam and on their website, http://forum.spiderlinggames.co.uk/index.php, where you can get contraptions, ideas, and different textures.

    This is a great game for everyone as it doesn't require a very good PC to run. Even with the fact that it doesn't have to be a good PC to run it has amazing graphics. Even if you buy it for a nephew, or someone under the age of 10 they would most likely love this. Also it isn't very violent and the blood can be turned off. Without the blood it would be an E rated game (i don't know the actually rating I couldn't find it).

    Overall I love this game and easily would give it an 9 out of 10. There are a few things that could be changed like the fact that when I put down wheels sometimes they go the opposite direction that it say they will go when I place it down, and I wish there was a multiplayer option for this where you could create different war vehicles and fight each other. The music in it is very calming and relaxed, the graphics are absolutely amazing, the mechanics in this game are also amazing, the levels start off easy and progress to getting harder, and there is a place for everyone with their being levels and just a sandbox. The price for this is ussualy 7.99 USD on steam, but during steam sales it will go down to 5.59 USD.


    Pictures: View attachment 113 View attachment 114 View attachment 115 View attachment 116 View attachment 117 View attachment 118 View attachment 119 View attachment 121 View attachment 120
  2. Truffle

    Truffle Active Member

    Besiege is really fun tbh, tho sometimes i screw up and my creations destroy themseleves...
    Fry likes this.
  3. Fry

    Fry Active Member

  4. thart

    thart New Member

    wow, this looks a lot like auto assult from a decade ago, except somehow worse.
  5. Scholarkin

    Scholarkin Member

    Haha, I like the huts on the water.
    But come again, is this game interesting?
    I don't like adventure games much so I rarely download them.
  6. binaryteck

    binaryteck New Member

    Adventure games such as this is my favorite. Going for it today
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