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Are You Ready For Age Of Empires 4?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by OursIsTheFury, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member


    Age of Empires 4 soon to come! What do you guys think? I've seen different discussions (online and real life) through the years about AoE, but the main theme is that AoE3 is terrible, and AoE2 is a gift from the gods. What do you guys think? Will AoE return to its roots, or will it be another letdown sequel kinda like most video game sequels nowadays?
  2. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Ahh. I saw the announcement over the twitter when one of the gaming companies that I follow retweeted it. When I first saw it, I thought that it's a joke, haha. I still can't believe that they're making the 4th one because it has been so many years since AoE3. I honestly thought that they wouldn't pursue more.

    Anyway, who said that AoE3 is terrible? It was an awesome game and a great successor to the second one. Me and my friends used to make so many LAN parties and play it, late into the nights... it's a really good RTS game so don't listen to the discussions - you can't make everybody game.

    I'm really looking forward to some actual gameplay of the Age of Empires 4. I truly hope that they will stick to how it always was and won't try and make some insane changes!
  3. mistakenichi

    mistakenichi New Member

    Oh dear, thanks for let us know about this new release (I haven't seen the announcement). I don't play too much games, AoE II is one of my reduced list. Some people is trying to convince me to start playing LoL, others argues Warcraft is better; I don't like both of them so... the point is that I want to update my list without introducing myself into a whole new game as those ones. I hope AoE IV gives me a third way.

    With the overwhelming failure of the previous AoE (I like it but there are a lot who don't) I guess the company is doing their best efforts. I have good expectations.
  4. cubo

    cubo New Member

    I'm not because AoE4 is only for windows 10 and I can't have it because my computer is too old and it only supports until windows 7. But, I would like to play it some day when I have enough money to buy a new and better computer.
  5. Thrall

    Thrall Active Member

    Don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up don't mess this up.
  6. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    I loved this game especially the first one. The third one was not really that bad but I agree that it was not as good as the previous ones. I was not aware that there will be a new release. I will wait for the reviews before purchasing this game.
  7. Muaaz

    Muaaz New Member

    I have played all of the AOE games and love especially the mythology one .Honestly, i didn't know Microsoft was making another one but if it comes out and seems to be good enough for the current generation then for sure I would buy it.
  8. JoeMilford

    JoeMilford New Member

    Thanks for the head's up--I was not even aware this was coming out, and now I need to prepare for yet another ominous gaming addiction and abyss of time thrown away in front of the computer screen. Oh well, it is all in good fun, I guess. What is the theme for this one, by the way? I have enjoyed the different incarnations of this game over the years, and I must say that, in the personal history of my gaming, it is one of my favorites.
  9. Bayoneutra

    Bayoneutra New Member

    I'm skeptical until I see it with my own two eyes.

    I was a huge fan of AoE 1 and AoE2 and I was part of the mainstream crowd that was massively disappointed by the third installment.

    I would like to have my hopes up and believe this will be an improvement while still keeping the essence of the first two games, but I guess that after so many years I've learnt to be careful about my expectations haha.
  10. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    They made a sequel (expansion) to Age of Mythology a few years ago. "Tale of the Dragon" I think was the name, as well as an Enhanced Edition. Neither were very good and they charged a lot for it. I really have doubts on how good this new game can be based on their track record, and the fact that they basically "remade" games with just changes in shadows and some graphics enhancements, all so they can charge you full price for a 15 year old game.