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Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

Discussion in 'Clans & Guilds' started by Pink_Turtle, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    Hey guys! so as most of you know a lot of clans end up dissolved because of lack of interest or differences between the members but do you know the ultimate master key to keep them running? I mean do you know any tips or tricks to make them last? How to keep a clan well integrate? Share your experiences!
  2. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    What game are you specifically talking about?

    I think generally speaking any sort of activities or team bonding things are great to keep a clan integrated and ''defend'' it from falling apart. It works similar to real life - the more time you spend doing things together, the more connected you will tend to feel with other members. So strive to think out of the box... perhaps arrange small fun meetings on Discord/Skype/TeamSpeak and play the game together as a unit. Talk about different memories from the past - for example; if it would be a World of Warcraft guild, you can reminiscences how you guys killed a raid boss and so on.
  3. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    I didn't especify any game, it was a general question... I agree with you especially with the bonding activities and meetings through skype, zoom or others. I use to play RPG with a group of friends on saturdays and we always bought pizzas and share after we finished playing. It was a great group.
  4. kgord

    kgord New Member

    I am not in a clan currently, but a friend of mine used to play Mafia Wars and he bonded with all of the people in his group. It really gave him something to do, and a group of people to talk to and hang out with after playing the game so it was very positive experience. I may look to get in a clan sometime..but not sure if many people of my age group would be in one.
  5. Jog

    Jog Active Member Community Supervisor

    Well let us use the forums and the community behind it (GameRebels) as the example here.

    For some reason what keeps this alive and people sticking together? Similar interests. Where those similar interests come from is complete luck of the draw and down to what happens with personalities, human interaction, etc. Why gaming communities do so well is that you have a wide spectrum of people who are able to join together and maybe find some other people to play with.

    Now this can be translated down into the ingame clan level.

    You already have the similar interest factor incorporated due to everyone playing the same game, now it just comes down to how well you can work together inside and outside the game (meaning playing the game as a team, and communicating outside of it possibly to further build friendship/teamwork).

    Overall it just comes down to how one person will interact with another, and how you can influence relationships through the game and/or the mediums used to play.
  6. Xilkozuf

    Xilkozuf Member

    I would also say to not focus just to one single game like most clans do: you might be good at it, but if the majority of the players get sick of it your clan is basically over. Instead, focus on the community and not the games you played: let them propose what they want to play from time to time, let them form various groups to play different games together. And don't let all the games be the same, they should be really different from each other. Like a MOBA like Dota is different from a regular FPS like Quake.
  7. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    Well, online leadership is a lot like real life leadership. A leader got to watch out for all his follower's needs. By needs, I meant making sure that the clan mates are feeling accepted and integrated within the team.New members need special attention. Old members need to be given roles within the clan so they will help things roll accordingly. You see it's about making people feel part of something.