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A game theory: Mario is evil

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by TsuyoyRival, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. TsuyoyRival

    TsuyoyRival Member

    Hi everyone, i'm TsuyoyRival.
    Today i bring you this interesting theory. Mario is not actually a light-hearted hero, and Luigi is not always the lovable brother.
    All starts with the assumption that every block from the Mario world were Toads, petrified from Bowser's power. So every block that Mario destroys is in fact a Toad. Luigi has a grudge on Mario for that.
    Also, Mario violates animal rights, by stepping on Yoshi every single time he wants his tongue to roll of his mouth, and sends him of a cliff if he needs the extra jump to get further.

    Mario is really evil, don't you think? ;)
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  2. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru New Member

    I think Mario is just a guy who has found himself the unwitting participant in a war he didn't start. He's making the hard choices that must be made to negotiate an extreme set of circumstances. Peach and her court have demonstrated time and again an unwillingness to invest in proper defenses that would secure their people, and their keep, from Koopa incursions into the realm. Meanwhile, Bowser's forces have become progressively more technologically adept! In the beginning he just sent swarms of wildlife and a few hammer brothers to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. By the Wii U era, he had flying air-ships equipped with complex mechanical hands which had the power to devastate the landscape while also possessing the dexterity to pick up Peach who was as tiny as an ant compared to it's size!

    All Peach has is a plumber or two!

    I don't agree with his methods, but darn-it, Mario gets results!
  3. rockandgreen

    rockandgreen New Member

    Actually, this was discussed by MatPat over at the Game Theorists.

    Mario may not just be the bad guy but may actually be a sociopathic monster. The way he looks down upon those who aspire to be him (namely Luigi) and patronises them, his rude demeanour and grit that underlies his 'heroic' nature and the way he cruelly abuses Yoshi and other such creatures along the way to accomplish his goals means that, from a realistic point of view, he could very well be much worse than Bowser. However, since Mario is featured in games and not in real life his actions may not have been as well thought out by the game developers leading to plot holes that allow such theories like this to be made. We have to remember that he is just a character in a game where not all ethics were considered because kids don't care enough to look past the plot holes that make Mario seem like such a bad guy.
  4. goldlady

    goldlady New Member

    That would be so sad if it's true! Mario was like the hero of my childhood LOL I guess you will always read this kind of theories. Not only about games, but also about cartoons and disney stories. I think it's cool trying to see what we already have known for so many time in a different way... but Mario will always be a hero to me, no matter what ahah thanks for sharing!
  5. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    I find this pretty hilarious so I might as well add some thoughts of my own. Mario is also a bad boyfriend. I mean seriously, how many times has Peach been kidnapped? It only adds up to his evilness that he has to beat a lot of creatures up just to trespass a property to find a person that is most likely not even there. Aside from that, a good factor might be his head trauma. From hitting all those bronze boxes and stone bricks, he must already be suffering a severe brain condition and doesn't even know it yet.
  6. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    I think this is true. Mario is no regard for animal and plant life. He just goes forward and plows through the tortoises and Venus fly traps. He also has a knack at destroying things that don't belong to him, especially bricks. If there's a brick that's in his path, he destroys it. But then again, it's the player who's controlling Mario. So, who's really evil?
  7. valy

    valy New Member

    I don't know if he is evil, he saves the girl, right? Mario isn't actually punching Yoshi in order to stick out his tongue and the reason Yoshi falls to death in a pit is that the gamers made Mario jump off. Even if Luigi hates him, Mario is a good brother to Luigi and Mario destroys Bowser's castles. I don't think that all these make him the bad guy!
  8. Dkaraly

    Dkaraly New Member

    Well...o_O what a strange theory. I don't really believe it, but it's imaginative and kinda funny. If he's evil, does that mean Princess Peach is evil too? She's always thanking him for his deeds, or is she under duress and suffering some kind of stockholm syndrome? Although, I would only believe that if we were talking about Peach and her forever kidnapper Bowser.:eek:
  9. johnmctown

    johnmctown New Member

    I don't think Mario and Luigi are the bad guys, i think someone's twisting this theory. ;) I don't remember them having horns if they're so called evil! I think if i remembered correctly the boss they're trying to defeat had horns and spikes on his shell and that makes him evil. ;) I do love that game.
  10. Not Sag

    Not Sag CW Super Admin

    Have you ever thought that maybe Bowser's just saving Princess Peach but Mario keeps killing all Bowser's troopers and then kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her to his castle.
    swag likes this.
  11. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru New Member

    Mario is doing what he must given the horrible circumstances his homeland is facing! Have you ever asked yourself why Peach keeps getting kidnapped? Why her kingdom, after all these years of war with the Koopa Troop, does not have a robust military? Bowser invades with swamp animals, ffs! He's never had to escalate beyond that! Peach is the very definition of an inept ruler. To put the blame for that on Mario's shoulders, given what he has to endure, is simply not fair.
  12. Chiara

    Chiara New Member

    That's an interesting theory. Never heard of it before. Games from the 80's and 90's seemed to have a lot of animal (and nature) cruelty but luckily none of us were thinking of damaging any animals or plants as a consequence of playing those games. Personally, I never made a parallelism between those animals that M. used to crush and the real world!
  13. leeyong

    leeyong New Member

    Nah, I don't think so. If you're talking about the Mario game, then what do you suppose Mario do? Avoid all the animals or plants that might actually kill him? Wait for walls or bricks to wear down so he can accomplish his mission? Or plead for yoshi to do this or that which I think won't work? In my humble opinion, all the things that Mario do in the game has a purpose, a good one at that. It therefore is unfair to call him evil when for a fact, he is a hero.
  14. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    I think Luigi is evil more then Mario Just a theory Super Mario seems like a good guy in the games but I don't think they are brothers they don't act the same way and their character levels are decent i mean Mario is less strong then Luigi but its just a game but I am not so sure If I could agree on your theory.