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A Better (legitimate) Alternative To Idling In Playerunknown's Battlegrounds For BP

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In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, players can purchase crates with in-game currency. Two types of crates are available at all times, and limited edition variants pop up from time to time. Players can only purchase six crates with increasing costs on a weekly basis. Therefore, rare in-game items are worth a lot of money on the Steam Marketplace. The popular coat item hovers around $100 for purchase on the Marketplace, even though it can be obtained without spending physical money. Battle Points are required to purchase crates, so players want to accumulate as many points as possible.

Weekly Crate Costs:
Crate #1: 700 BP
Crate #2: 1,400 BP
Crate #3: 2,800 BP
Crate #4: 4,200 BP
Crate #5: 5,600 BP
Crate #6: 7,000 BP

Over 20,000 Battle Points are required on a weekly basis to unlock all six crates. From there, players can sell unopened crates on the marketplace for $0.75 to $1.25 each. Individual items may be worth anything from $0.04 to hundreds of dollars on the Steam Marketplace. Many players have turned to various methods in order to farm BP. The latest tactic causing a stir among players and developers alike involves idling. Through the idling trick, players automatically jump into games and don't move upon being thrown out of the plan. They then die quickly and have a script automatically end the current game and start a new one.

A Solution For This Issue Is Coming
Developers for PUBG recently mentioned they intend to do something about this problem. Various solutions are available, including a manual chute deployment during the plane ride. Kicking players that are idle too long is a possibility as well. On the other hand, the developers could implement a reporting system to investigate cases of idling/BP farming. Idling might seem like a small issue, but the practice makes games less exciting and brings down the economy for PUBG's items on the Steam Marketplace.

What can (and should) players do instead?
Earning Battle Points in PUBG requires time and skill. Without a doubt, two main factors dictate how many BP a player will earn in a single game. Squad size and overall placement per round make the biggest difference here. Solo players will earn more BP for a first-place finish than a Duo team, and both of those team sizes will earn more than a Squad of three or four players. Of course, this system for BP makes sense because placing high in Solo games is more difficult than doing so in Duo or Squad matches.

Players looking for the most BP in the shortest amount of time should opt for Solo matches. Survival is far more important than dealing damage to other players or killing them, unless an individual racks up 15 or more kills per match. Otherwise, players will want to avoid conflicts whenever possible and stay within the circle at all times. A top 10 finish will grant at least 150 points or so with a little extra for kills and damage dealt. Solo matches often start and finish much quicker than other matches, which means points will accrue faster.

A Tempting Opportunity, But A Futile Effort For Most People
In the end, most players aren't going to make a small Steam Marketplace fortune through PUBG. Common items are worth about a penny from crates, and the rare items are indeed hard to come by through the random number generator. PUBG players are better off playing the game to have fun and unlock crates from time to time without them being the focus. Either way, an individual shouldn't try idling for BP farming because the developers are about to crack down on the practice, and it's not a fair tactic for everyone else.


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