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  1. Chris Holman

    Next Minecraft? What do you guys think?

    Some I thought for a while has been what is going to be the next Minecraft? Is there a new project in development and if so what do you think it will look like? Will there be even more blocks with extra high definition resolution, scarier creatures, more crafting choices, or even a set Survivor...
  2. Inqogn1to

    All time favorite shooter?

    What's the best shooter game you ever played?
  3. Jordan

    The Beginning of a Cross-Platform Generation

    It seems like the well known segregated players of Xbox Live and Playstation Network will finally come together to end that divergence that started more than a decade ago. As stated by Chris Charla Director of ID Xbox in a post published by the month of March (2016) on the official Xbox news...
  4. Calcified

    Current Generation Consoles Vs. Steam Machine

    So the Steam machines getting nearer their release date and me still being cheap about getting a PS4, I've now come face to face with another dilemma, is it still worth it getting a PS4 or an Xbox one, or should I just get a steam machine? I'm considering a couple of aspects and the only thing...