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Who is in your clan?

Discussion in 'Clans & Guilds' started by sapett, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. sapett

    sapett New Member

    Who are the people in your clan? Do you know them offline, or are they people you developed relationships with online?

    I know most of the people in my clans. The majority of us are either roommates or classmates in school. Everyone is at the very least a friend of a friend. I like the dynamic this creates. I have never been part of a clan that was made up of people I did not know.
  2. kgord

    kgord New Member

    I haven't joined any clans as of yet. The one clan game I play which is Vikings CLash of Clans has clans available to join but I haven;t done so. I like the game but I don't really play it that often. I may join one sometime though.
  3. valy

    valy New Member

    The people that are in my clan are the ones that I have met online. I have played with them for a few weeks ago and are good guys and I hope they will not leave from my clan because we stand one for each other and not steal the weapons, etc.
  4. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    I've been in clans with people I met in real life before. It never worked well for me because one relationship tended to surpass the other. So if I was playing with them I was consequently spending less time face to face with them and that's never a good thing. So I prefer to leave the online world to have relationships with people I've met online.
  5. mcbryan

    mcbryan New Member

    Primarily most members of my clan are friends and relatives. I choose them because of im familiar already with their attitude and character. As a result, it's easy for me to cooperate, contact them and share information. On the other hand, some members are just new to my eyes and never met before people. I want to learn and know new also that's why.
  6. Zyni

    Zyni New Member

    Most of the people I've been guilded with were game friends. There were also a few family members including my husband and some cousins. I don't have any IRL friends who played the same game. Some of the people I got to know in game turned out to be really good friends though. I still talk to some of them, although I've never met them in person.
  7. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    I don't know many people part of my clan I like to make friends with them first before we get our relationship online and I don't know most of them as I said so I don't tend to go over board like some people do in my clan and few of them our my friends like 1-3 rest are just people I never met in real life. As for now I am not part of any clan so I am still searching for one lol