• IMPORTANT: Welcome to the re-opening of GameRebels! We are excited to be back and hope everyone has had a great time away. Everyone is welcome!


  1. Jordan

    Game Shop V2

    Our game shop has come along way since 2012! Back when I first had the idea, it was very limited and everything was manual. A lot of effort was going into having to receive and send codes manually. Fast forward to 2014, and Game Rebels launched our first 100% automated shop. However, there was...
  2. Blaine019

    Hi fellow gamers!

    This is my second day in this site. I'm blaine and I'm a gamer since 6 years old and I am 23 now. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself earlier. Gaming is my second life. Happy gaming everyone.
  3. Fatima

    More then happy

    Hello uys , i'm Fatima , i'm a big fan of rebels games especially Red Alert 3 when JK Simmons’ turn as the uberhawk president Ackerman is legendary, making you believe that he’s the only man who can save the USA from the twin threats of future-teched Soviets and Japanese nationalists. Played on...
  4. Jordan

    Spread the Word!

    Help us spread the word of Game Rebels! If you have any ideas on what we can do to help gain new members, we are all ears! Feel free to use your own material as well. Below are some basic banners we have made to help get the word out. Please use them and link to us on your forums and other...