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game development

  1. Shanky

    creating a user-friendly UI in your game

    Designing a user-friendly UI is crucial for creating an enjoyable player experience. One of the best practices is to keep the UI simple and clean, avoiding clutter and unnecessary elements. It's also important to use clear and consistent icons and labels, and to provide clear and concise...
  2. Shanky

    How do you balance gameplay and story in your game development?

    Balancing gameplay and story can be a tricky task, but it's important to remember that they should complement each other. Gameplay should drive the story forward and make it more engaging. One approach is to design the gameplay first and then build the story around it. It's also important to...
  3. Shanky

    Hardest game to develop

    I've been thinking about the different genres of games and I was wondering which one would be the hardest to develop. From my understanding, different games have different complexities and levels of difficulty when it comes to development. For example, sports games might be easier to develop...