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Your Top Five Final Fantasy Games

Discussion in 'Specific Platform Games' started by lindbergh, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    Square's Final Fantasy series has been the flagship franchise of the company. It's ironic that the title of the series has the word Final in it yet it never ends. Anyways, for those Fantasy lovers out there, could you determine which Final Fantasy games you consider as the top five? I'll start:
    1. Final Fantasy IX - this is my favorite game in the series. It had good graphics for its time, a cute and engaging story and great character development which is actually one of the weak points of the franchise(I liked Vivi the most).
    2. Final Fantasy VII - this was the first time that I was introduced to the series and it's what got me hooked.
    3. Final Fantasy VIII - I was captivated from the first CG cinematic. This is also the first time that the FF series made use of more life like character models and also made use of a more mature story line.
    4. Final Fantasy XII - I loved the Star Wars feel and the unique combat system. The characters were pretty bland though...
    5. Final Fantasy XV - a FF game with a boy band as heroes? I'll take it!
  2. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I love the Final Fantasy franchise as well. They're one of my overall favorite games and every time that Square Enix releases a new one you can bet that I will play it!

    Here's my top five FF list:
    - Final Fantasy VII; I think that majority will agree that FF7 is still the best game out of the series. It added such a breath of fresh air to the gaming world and moved many boundaries with its uniqueness. Can't wait for the remake!
    - Final Fantasy X; The perfect duo of Tidus and Yuna. Who didn't enjoy this gem? Sure, the dialogue can be a bit weird and cheesy and times but the overall story and characters are so well done and captivating.
    - Final Fantasy XV; The latest FF from the series. I fell in love with the open world and free roaming. The four friends that are faced with many challenges and the unexpected twists throughout the storyline is what makes this title so great. Not to mention the STUNNING graphics and cinematics. It's like you're watching an HD movie.
    - Final Fantasy X-2; The sequel to the FFX. Equally as good and it delivers a great gaming experience.
    - Final Fantasy XIII; Finally another main female character - Lighting. She's fierce and desperate to try to save her sister.
  3. cesarmatute

    cesarmatute New Member

    I haven't played all of the FF games (there are too many), but I can tell you the ones I've played in my order of preference.

    1. Final Fantasy VII: Of course I agree with most gamers, this is the best FF game of all times. I like mostly because of the story and the materia system. I'm expecting FF VII Remake to be at least as good as this one.

    2. Final Fantasy X: I liked the story and the Dark Aeons battles. Oh, and the Blitz Ball game.

    3. Final Fantasy XII: I found the battle system in this game pretty interesting.

    4. Final Fantasy VIII: I must say I played this one before FF VII. I liked the card game.

    5. Mobius Final Fantasy: Though it's not a console game, it's pretty addictive. I like the multiplayer battles

    I wish I had played the rest of the games, or the latest ones, in order to have a better comparison.