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Who uses a laptop for gaming?

Discussion in 'PC' started by jurew2, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. jurew2

    jurew2 Member

    There are a lot of people that are a lot mobile and away from home, so they don't have a desktop PC. They still want to play PC games, so they play it on their laptop. I for myself don't play a lot of games on my laptop, because it can overheats fast and the graphic card isn't the best. Do you ever use your laptop for gaming, or do you just use the desktop PC to do that?
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  2. Avex

    Avex Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

    I much prefer my desktop, just better in general. Never been able to achieve the same quality gaming on a laptop compared to a desktop.
  3. NickJ

    NickJ New Member

    My eyes are not good enough to game on a laptop. Not to mention I appreciate the extra space PC Desktop gaming gives me.
  4. insertkittyface

    insertkittyface New Member

    Eh, I've always gamed on a laptop just because that's what I've had as I've grown up. I'm sure I wouldn't mind a desktop, it would just take me a bit of getting used too.
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  5. Ridge

    Ridge New Member

    *raises hand*

    The only games I feel like I need to play on PC are indies I can't get elsewhere and I am also rarely home. This makes my laptop a viable option.
  6. Saffy

    Saffy Member

    My desktop fried which I used to use for gaming so I have no choice but to use my laptop for gaming at the moment. The graphics were decent on it until my issue came along.. it does over heat sometimes but I have a fan which seems to work and prevent it form doing so. It only really over heats in the summer when we have the extreme heat which needs to go away! lol My other laptop never over heats while playing games, it's wonderful but I can't stand the graphics on it so I don't use it for gaming as much
  7. TheViper

    TheViper New Member

    The problem is that most people think that laptops are better than desktops. If you want something that you can carry around in a tote bag. Then you have something that is "better" than a desktop but that is just about it. You can't even upgrade most if not all laptops. Owning a desktop is ideal because you can always upgrade it to meet the standards that today's world demands.
  8. Jack

    Jack Founding Member

    I prefer desktop but currently on the market, some gaming laptops look really good such as the Razer's.
  9. Lancer

    Lancer New Member

    I use a laptop for gaming! Not because the laptop gives the extended performance i could get with a PC but because i like to move. I can move with my saved games. I just verify that a game can be played my with current configuration before buying or downloading it.

    A PC is great because you can extend it with graphic cards, memory, easily but i can be satisfied with a laptop. I just use an alternative mouse and keyboard for safety!
  10. Lights

    Lights New Member

    My laptop doesn't have monster high-specs, but I do play games on it and actually prefer it over a desktop; it's portable, and only uses a fraction of power compared to my tower rig, which helps in reducing the bills. Plus, I can lay on the couch or in bed when I play, and that kind of comfort is something I could never part with!
  11. Radix24

    Radix24 New Member

    I do! My old laptop only had an integrated HD graphics card which severely limts my game options. I have now upgraded and with better specs now. I prefer a laptop since I have the mobility. I need to go from one place to another from time to time. It is better for me to have a laptop with such a need for travel. I love my games!
  12. Thomas Hall

    Thomas Hall New Member

    I have started using my laptop since October this year, to play Dragon Age Origins, and in the first few days did have problems. The game would stop, or laptop would get hot and stop playing the game which would bother me as could get to a important part only for the game to stop in the middle. I find the controls, can be harder to use to a console as sometimes I have pressed a different button and fights have gone harder than needed and the boss battles challenging. I found the graphics to be good, and also the sound suits the game and laptop does a good job of displaying it.
  13. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    I solely use a laptop for work and play (for anyone interested it's an ASUS RoG. Great value and performance in my opinion). The cooling system of a laptop might not be as good as a PC, hence I recommend a cooling pad for extended sessions of gaming. But other than that I would take the portablility and lack of clutter of a laptop over a PC anyday.
  14. Jojo83

    Jojo83 New Member

    In my opinion, gaming in a laptop is definitely not recommended. When I played some games on it, it would get so hot even with a cooling pad. I think it is because of the tight spaces inside a laptop that it isn't cooling well. In a desktop there is a lot of space between components for air to circulate.
  15. Atlas_Hope

    Atlas_Hope New Member

    I solely use my laptop for gaming at the moment because I need to invest in building a new gaming desktop. The only issue with a laptop is that they aren't upgradeable and pc components are released so quickly that spending money on an expensive gaming laptop seems like a waste since it'll essentially be shortly obsolete in terms of having the best hardware.
  16. primaLucid

    primaLucid New Member

    I use a laptop for gaming. I have an ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop, which was built specifically for gaming. With a powerful graphics card and 12 GB of ram, it is a powerhouse for a laptop. Although laptops are more expensive than PCs, I got a laptop because I didn't have the space to keep the PC. My laptop runs League of Legends at 120 fps and it runs Battlefield 4 at medium settings at 55 ish FPS. Although it isn't the best, it gets the job done, and I am very satisfied with the product.
  17. Rockhem

    Rockhem New Member

    I don't use a laptop for gaming because I don't really move around much. If you don't need to move around much, a desktop PC is always superior. Laptops have to sacrifice performance for portability, and getting the same performance as a desktop on a laptop usually requires at least 2x the money.
  18. Qarnage

    Qarnage New Member

    I use my gaming PC for gaming most of the time, laptop screens are a little too small for me and the keyboard is not as nice as a normal one is. I do however use my laptop for steam in-home streaming. I hook up my laptop to my pc and then stream the game I want to play from my pc to my laptop. I only do this for games I can play with a controller though. I must say, it's a pretty neat function!
  19. ducklord

    ducklord New Member

    Well, it's not just the user, it's the game as well. My wife plays more "casual" games than I do, so she doesn't have a problem playing on her laptop. What's the point of watching the "explosive action" of... er... Bejewelled on a projected 10 meter screen?

    Mass Effect, on the other hand... Yeah... The Bigger, The Better :)
  20. Kazix

    Kazix New Member

    I use a laptop! Bought it while I was still studying and needed to carry it with myself. It still runs most of the new games at least on medium settings and it has NEVER turned off due to overheating. Maybe it's thanks to this laptop being Dell and being a little more expensive model.

    Anyways I'm planning on upgrading to a full battle-station tower PC in the future. Laptop is nice, but I want full HD screen, SSD and mechanical keyboard.