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Which Do You Think Is The Best Between Fifa And Pes?

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Dhanidhamy, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Dhanidhamy

    Dhanidhamy New Member

    I prefer Fifa to Pes, Fifa feels more real in aspects of players movement, graphics, celebrations, I feel Pes is just overrated and childish. Which do you prefer?
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  2. Joshmoy

    Joshmoy New Member

    I think this issue has been flogged over and over again. Firstly, the preference of Fifa to Pes depends on the person playing it. Fifa is more recognized than Pes. In most soccer gaming competitions i have been to, they use the Fifa disks and not Pes. Fifa has really worked more on the player celebrations and graphics. Some say Fifa is more realistic than Pes but i feel what they mean to say is that Fifa gives you more control over eeverything than Pes.
  3. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I think FIFA is better just because there is a lot more to it and seems more like a real game compared to PES because there's not much to do so it doesn't really feel like a real game to me.
  4. Ash

    Ash New Member

    FIFA is a lot better. I played PES once and that was in 2011. It was a decent game but nothing compared to FIFA. The hype around FIFA is just so much greater as well, I mean who actually gets excited about PES every year? There are literally millions of people around the world that actually look forward to the first FIFA trailer even though we know that there will rarely be that many great changes compared to the previous year. Plus the fact that FIFA has got licenses for the leagues and teams just make it an actually enjoyable game. I'm a Chelsea fan and I don't want to have to play as the London Blues on PES.
  5. Westbay

    Westbay New Member

    In PES 17, the career mode has been more customised. The career mode is more realistic now. Transfer negotiations have been improved. But FIFA 17 still has a better manager mode. Real life Managers will also be seen in FIFA 17 such as Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, and Arsene Wenger etc. In career mode, PES 17 still has that become a Legend mode. While in FIFA 17, there is a new story mode. The name of the mode is ‘The Journey’. There will be press conferences, and your different decisions will impact the story line.
  6. anaatef9

    anaatef9 New Member

    I feel like PES is better for offline play. The game's online system is a bad imitation of FUT ultimate team. However, the offline play in PES is good. FIFA owning the rights to the EPL is frustrating when playing exhibition matches. The game isn't realistic but it is fun. With all that being said, I play FIFA because I only enjoy FUT and in that aspect, it destroys PES.
  7. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I don't really play any of these games unless my friends ask me to... so I don't know how much my opinion counts but regardless, I always preferred FIFA - at least the older versions were way better and more entertaining to play than the PES ones. Playing PES just felt weird. FIFA makes the game feel very real and realistic with different features. Even my football fanatic friends all play only FIFA games, none of them really ''loves'' PES.
    DAVID EJIKE likes this.

    DAVID EJIKE New Member

    Sometimes when i play PES i just laugh reason because of the overall setup of the game. Personally i think PES suits beginners more and a good platform to develop personal skills before jetting into FIFA.
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    FIFA brings the reality of the game to mankind alive whereas PES gives a false representation.
  9. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    I agree totally with you on this! PES is good when I play it offline with friends while FIFA got much nicer graphics and simulation online. I like both games so can't really place a hand on which one is better for me.