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The Unfinished Swan

Discussion in 'Specific Platform Games' started by Westerlies, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Westerlies

    Westerlies New Member

    Has anyone ever played this game? The Unfinished Swan has been described as an interactive children's book and that's the feel I got from it as well. It was an adorable yet kind of sad story. The whole kingdom coming to life when you splat ink on everything in the first few levels was innovative and exciting. Eventually finding out how the title of the game fits in to the story was a fit ending. Although it is a rather small or short game, I found it very captivating.
  2. konomi

    konomi Member

    I'd never heard of it before, but it looks pretty cool! I really like seeing games like that, that are so different from other games. It looks kinda artsy~
    It makes me wish I had a PS4 :(
    What is the gameplay like? You splatter ink everywhere, but is that it? Are there enemies to fight or puzzles to solve, or is it more just about exploring the story?
  3. Westerlies

    Westerlies New Member

    Here's a link the the official trailer for the game. It might show you a better representation than what I'm saying.

    It is very artistic so it is a relaxing game that is different than most games I play. It starts off completely white. you can't see anything because there is nothing to see. You have black ink or paint and you can shoot little balls of it around to make out walls, doorways, ledges, and water. As you progress through the game, more shadows appear so you can distinguish more of your surroundings without using the ink. Then more colors are incorporated, and you can use water instead of ink which you can use to grow vines which you can travel on. It's a puzzle based game where there are very few enemies. I haven't played The Unfinished Swan in a while, but for the most part I remember it being a puzzle surrounding the story of where you are and what you are doing there.
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