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The Story Of The Not Makage Clone: Empty

Discussion in 'Jokes & Funny Stuff' started by Ghostdaman, Sep 19, 2017.

Was good?

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  1. Ghostdaman

    Ghostdaman New Member

    AN: Pls no flem, if u do, u r prep.
    This Makage was made from the cells of the original Not Makage in a lab not to far from the Mongolian province where he lived. He awoke in pod along with 49 other clones, each accepting where they were and becoming satisfied, except this one. Filled with disdain for his surroundings, the clone attempted escape, pounding his small fists against the small glass to no avail. Nevertheless, the clone waited and each day he would pool his strength into one punch against the glass, and when inevitably unsuccessful, he would wait again until the next day, and the next. One day, he awoke outside his pod, and looking around found he was in a cell. The feeling of finally being free of the pod, yet only to be trapped within another prison filled the clone with rage. Shortly after being woken up, he was forced outside his cell and put into a row of Not Makage clones, each standing obediently upright. In front of the rows of clones was a stage, and on top was a man, maybe in his 20's wearing a white lab coat and an armband the read "Lawmakers". Then the man started speaking. "Today, I have gathered you to tell you your purpose, for which you were made. I don't expect you to remember this but I am Law, your Law by which you will follow. You are known as Not Makage, your name and your goal. You will rise to know pain as I have and will eventually achieve revenge against him who has done wrong by me. Consider this your welcome to your new life within the Law!" The man then turned away and the men who took this Makage came and threw him back in his cell. The Makage clone vowed revenge against everyone within this facility for putting him through hell.

    Months passed and the Makage clone grew ever stronger through personal training on material he had learned in the combat regiment the facility was enforcing. When the tests came he aced them all, at the top of his class. Although the facility was entirely confident they now had a fine tuned assassin, they were clueless to the fact of why he was so much better. He had planned from the start of combat training that he wouldn't fail, he would take out everyone in this facility, and perhaps it was poetic justice, or just a turn of fate but he finally got a chance when the award ceremony came around.

    As he walked onto the stage, a wide smile on his face, he slipped out his hidden blade and quickly stabbed the guard behind him. The other clones had almost no time to react to him quickly throwing multiple bombs that exploded on impact wiping them out. The guards attempted to stop him but were unable to when they were also taken out by an explosion. The week before the Makage clone had spent his time working explosive devices into the walls and floor around this area. Law had been taken unaware and was now hurrying, unafraid, towards the Makage clone, sword in hand. The Makage clone quickly strode towards Law, their swords clashing as they collided. The rest of the explosives went off and the alarms came on, repeating a message that the area was unstable and likely to collapse. The two warriors, pushed each other to their limits until one of Law's elite appeared. "Take care of him, he's responsible for this." Law said turning and running to an emergency elevator. Once reaching the elevator, Law turned around and saw the Makage clone staring at him with an unseen fire in his eyes. The clone watched as the doors to the elevator closed on his enemy. At this point the elite was rushing toward him, intending to end the battle a swift attack, yet something about the Makage clone seemed off, like he was unaware where he was. The elite came upon him and successfully stabbed his sword through the chest of the Makage clone he saw, only to be swiftly stabbed from behind by the sword of the Makage clone that was behind the attack. The one the elite had stabbed was only another clone replacing the original clone. "This isn't possible, I saw you..." the elite sputtered falling over onto the rubble. "Welcome to your new reality" read the note the Makage clone held up, spitting back the words that were thrown at him his first day out of the pods. He walked around in the yet crumbling facility and stabbed each and every clone up to 49 in the heart, making sure he was the only one left. After the last clone he felt a very strong feeling of anger and sorrow, as he looked at his would be brothers lying on the ground, motionless. Then, as if there was some god of luck watching him, the door to the crumbling stairway opened and he made his way out. He took 3 seconds to ascend the stairway and exit the facility.

    The clone searched the ruined facility for any sign of another person but they had all either died, or left. He left the facility with an empty feeling in his stomach, a feeling of being unaccomplished or unfinished. He walked for miles until he happened upon a village, filled with people, one of which happened to see him. The clone didn’t look good, in fact he looked pretty ragged, and the young man walked up to him saying nothing, and brought him to his home. The clone layed there for a while, resting, until a knock came from the door and the young man went to open it. On the other side was someone the clone could not see from his position and went to move it order to see them, oddly the conversation was rather one sided with only the young man talking but then, the man was inside the room staring with shock at the clone on the floor. When he looked at the man, he immediately knew why he hadn’t been talking, it was the real Not Makage.

    He looked rather different from the clone as the clone had been clean shaven at the facility and was hairless. On the other hand, Not Makage was the near opposite. He was a 4’ 2” slim, black man, just like the clone, but he had purple hair that flowed across the longest rivers shimmering in the light. His facial hair was made of a short mustache that ended before the sides of his nose. The two looked at each other and each nodded as if in agreement about something. Not Makage then sat down and asked the clone his story (in written form) and the clone replied by telling him a summary of the events up to that point, though when he mentioned Law, Not Makage got a concerned look. The two then decided that they were the only ones who could stop Law and began a further journey to find and eliminate him. On the road they bonded quickly and became friends, knowing each other by “Wyvern” and “Empty”.
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  2. Wyvern_EN

    Wyvern_EN Member

    authors note: my mustache was supposed to be called a hitler stache, but me and the writer had creative differences.
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