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Shadow Fight 2 - One of the best fighting games on mobile

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by lindbergh, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    Wow, I can't believe that I just discovered Shadow Fight 2! I have been searching for decent fighting games on mobile for a while now and I'm such an idiot because I just discovered Shadow Fight 2 today. Anyways, this game looks amazing. Though the characters are merely shadows, the backgrounds are clear and vibrant. The animations are awesome, from the attack animations to the blocking animations. And to top it off, it has awesome gameplay and controls.
    It also doesn't get boring as you progress through the game because there are many different weapons to master, and there are epic boss battles before the end of each chapter to test your skills. Another thing that I like is that this baby is free to play! What more could you ask for?
    Haristar and luispas like this.
  2. Tania997

    Tania997 New Member

    This game is fantastic, the animation looks so clean. They look like they came from a console game. There are plenty of weapons/fighting styles to learn and master. No shortage of enemies to fight. Shadow Fight 2 plays much like a traditional fighting game, only combat is a bit slower and there’s steady character progression. The overall style is also exceptional. The bad thing is the virtual pad though. Sometimes it doesn't do what I'd like to do.
  3. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    In fighting games like these, a virtual pad is almost always present. It's true that controlling your character may be hard because of this. You might be pressing one button instead of another or you might be pressing the screen expecting something to happen but nothing happens because you failed to press the virtual button.

    By the way, have you finished the game? I'm stuck at chapter 5 since the enemies are so powerful. I barely give them a scratch.
  4. luispas

    luispas Member

    Finally someone mentioning one great game, yes :) this was a great game, I completely loved it. It feels so smooth and fun the mechanics of the character and the guns that I couldn't stop playing into almost finishing it. I can easily give it a 9 of 10 rating, because I was disappointing on how hard it was to upgrade the guns.
  5. Haristar

    Haristar New Member

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful game. I was also on the quest to find some good fighting games for a while and I have downloaded it just now. The game is amazing and the overall graphics and the controls are fantastic. Just now started to play ad I hope I won't get addicted to it. :)
  6. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    I am glad to see that there is appreciation of the game here in the forums. Shadow Fight 2 is fun to play and I spent a lot of time doing so. I would even watch ads just to replenish energy. What I find bothering though is that there are much more reliance on weapons unlike in the first game. It would really be nice if they add multiplayer for the game though.
  7. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    I have played shadow fight as well. It has a great story on how the character became a shadow. It is quite fascinating to see other players play the same game. I played that one and almost finished the story though my phone broke down and I never downloaded it again on Playstore. Since there are a few people in here giving good reviews, I might download and play it back again.

    Have a nice day!
  8. overcast

    overcast Member

    My nephew loves this game. He plays this for hours. I just can't get around the moves of this game. The control is something I get grip on with my mobile as it has small screen than most modern phone. I am going to try the game on table though, it's a good game but not much addictive level play it seems.
  9. Muaaz

    Muaaz New Member

    The game is good looking just like it's the previous iteration was , but i think there are many other cool fighting games as well . you can try Street fighter 4 for android or Mortal combat X, Injustice 2 has also been released. If you are into fighting games then just download PS1 emulator for andriod and get the tekken 3 in it . You would love it.
  10. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    I used to Play Shadow Fight 2 a lot It always used to get difficult when you beat the Boss Level and shit but other then that is a good game to Play and stuff I don't about one I never played one before so yea