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Rumors of a move to FTP

Discussion in 'Elder Scrolls Online' started by Cryyo, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Cryyo

    Cryyo New Member

    6 month subscribers have been terminated, and everyone is talking about this game going free to play. What do you want to see NOT happen when the game turns free to play (if it does)? I worry about microtransactions as a subscriber myself. But a large surge of new players could be welcome. Thoughts?
  2. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    A move to FTP would almost certainly spell microtransactions, how else would they make money? The closest and least damaging model I could think of would be like Wildstar or Runescape, where you can buy ingame premium game time for either virtual currency or real money.
  3. kittyworker

    kittyworker New Member

    I haven't had a chance to try ESO but have always been interested in the RvR combat. If it went F2P I would of course try it, but it really depends on how the business model is whether I stay or not. They could either go the micro transaction route mentioned or have free vs paid members with the free members having limited access to certain features. I think for the game to survive they honestly need to look at F2P.
  4. Nihar Shukla

    Nihar Shukla New Member

    Well it is B2P right now and I am in love with that option! I have been excite dto try the game and I got it as soon as they had announced that it was going to go B2P!
  5. PingPongCall

    PingPongCall New Member

    It would be nice if the game was F2P. I really enjoyed the Beta, but $50 is a bit much to pay for any MMO. I don't even think I would spend that much on The Old Republic.
  6. leahcim132

    leahcim132 New Member

    Hopefully by 2016 it will become F2P. Just look at TERA. They're doing fine now and they were P2P a while back. I would like to play Elder Scrolls but in my opinion it's a bit too pricey so it's not worth it.
    PingPongCall likes this.
  7. PingPongCall

    PingPongCall New Member

    I forgot all about TERA. That game was so much fun, it was like the closest thing to WoW I think I've ever played.