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Removing Battalions

Discussion in 'CW Help, Feedback & Suggestions' started by Captain Magma, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Captain Magma

    Captain Magma Member

    this is probably a very controversial idea but it could help the server with organization.

    There are a couple Battalions that are completely inactive. They just clutter the server with it's addons and playermodels. There are just some Battalions that need removing. I have organized a list of all the units in our server to be removed. With them removed:

    1. The server can reduce lag with the number of playermodels it needs
    2. Battalions will have more people joining so inactive battalions will be less.

    1. 37th- A dying Battalion that would be better off as Battalions medics

    2. 104th- Since Blisk left the only person I've seen on it is DeeDee. Should be removed.

    1. Shadow- Shadow were part of 212th, so this can be a unit in 212th. Their armor had the same pattern as 212th.
    2. ARC- Again, in canon ARC was part of Battalions, not its own unit. I would consider making this a Battalion Unit
    3. 327th- Not a lot of people on, but enough for it to Survive
    4. 21st Nova- Not a lot of people on, but we'll see
    5. 91st- Haven't seen many of them on.

    1. 41st- Too big and important to be deleted
    2. 212th- Again, too big to be deleted.
    3. 501st- Same as the last two.
    4. Navy- Same as last three
    5. Unassigned- Same as last couple
    6. 5th Fleet- Too important to be deleted.
    7. 38th- In my eyes this unit is doing good so keep it

    If I missed any tell me in the comments.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 4, 2017
  2. Georgia/Fragger

    Georgia/Fragger IM Server Admin

    1. Wot shadow we're not in 212th they were RI republic intelligence
    2. Only some arc were in battalions most were separate squads
    Like boi wot?
  3. Ace1649

    Ace1649 Member

    Shadow was never 212th they were just the reason why 212th successfully landed in Utapau. ARC just needs to be purged so that ARC isn't a joke and actually gets shit done rather than just be another recon group. 104 is already removed. 327th just needs loyal members. 91st at this point just needs more numbers. Nova Corps would be fine with active officers Destiny and Paradyce just aren't that active.
  4. Thrall

    Thrall Active Member

    104th was already removed
  5. Geralt

    Geralt New Member

    You forgot about the 38th ;~; Imo, we're doing really well right now. A whole lot better then a couple of weeks ago. Flash becoming commander has completely changed it for the better.
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  6. Captain Magma

    Captain Magma Member

    Updated with 91st and 38th
  7. Daytona211

    Daytona211 Active Member

  8. Zeal

    Zeal Member

    From the game mechanic point of view;

    We need to skim down content (old story bla bla bla repeat repeat repeat)
    Remove dead battalions. Then, try to merge or remove other battalions, because here is the very unfortunate truth. We don't have the active player base to support so many battalions.

    From the Game Master point of view.
    No hate, but please delete ARC. In the past I had no real problems with Commandos or ARCs. I do 'hate' edgelord speshul snoowflake spec ops battalions (thus why I have an unbridled rage for Shadow Battalion, no matter how GOOD they are) but, from the perspective of making events, something has changed since I came back.
    Commandos has always had good weapons. The DC-17m was dope. But now this 'new' DC-17m, their much more boosted armor and health, and their sheer higher number (compared to before anyways) has made me see this on repeated events I've been involved in.
    500 Hp swarming Antlions, 750 Hp Very-Good Proficiency Droids, 5,000 HP Melee Event Characters... They all die stupidly quick to the improved commandos. And commandos (and this here is a compliment) have their shit together and co-ordinate, usually being the first to the fight.
    (Bad part) they kill things fast + they're first the fight = by the other time the rest of the army arrives there's jack shit for them to do.

    I'm having enough trouble trying to find a balance to make events fun for everyone, the last thing I need is MORE GADDAMN ARC TROOPS DOING THE SAME THING.

    Let it die~

    104th should be merged with 38th as technical and ground-armor piloting, as engineers and tanks go fairly hand n' hand.

    Battalion Medics... I never truly agreed to this. It never seemd to work out perfectly in the past, and the 37th, when it did work, it fucking WORKED. But, they are dead. They are dying a slow death. Pull the plug, let's try this again..

    Except for 327th I've seen those other "IDK" listers on plenty enough to warrant survival, but not so much as to NOT warrant a merger. I would really, really, REALLY suggest a merger.
  9. Vector

    Vector Member

  10. Zeal

    Zeal Member

    Also, this.

    Da fuq u smokin?
  11. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    Shadow was never part of the 212th. Also, most battalions had the same pattern as 212th. 442nd was the first battalion to use the armor, and lucas liked it so much he used it for 212th, and most battalions followed.

    Every battalion haveing an arc unit just isnt going to happen.

    Medical Corps can work. Server just don't seem to want to give it a shot. However, this is just the way its going to be. They are lucky they have medics to begin with. In lore, there was no such "Combat" medic which was healing you instantly while you fight. So, if there is no Medical Corps, than there is no healers.
  12. Vladimir Gray

    Vladimir Gray Well-Known Member Forum Administrator

    My word:

    I think that 37th, yes should be removed as battalions medics I would say would be a better option BUT only put battalion medics should only be in popular

    Shadow should stay as I see it's becoming revived.

    91st and ARC should be either wiped and replaced with new memebers, or either leaders/officers removed and replaced with ones who will push to get memebers and such.

    I've been on the server atleast once for an hour as a CT/Recruit and walked around. And most that time I agree haven't seen much memebers in certain battalions that I would expect have some.

    (No offense to people who lead 91st and ARC)
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  13. Captain Magma

    Captain Magma Member


    I never said that Battalion medics have to just Insta heal people, They can do 37th jobs as well. There's nothing saying they can't.
  14. Ace1649

    Ace1649 Member

    Lowkey donate for utility weapons if you want a medkit. It's more cost efficient anyways versus buying health. Might as well get the utility pack.
  15. Fordo

    Fordo Active Member

    We would get more stuff done, if in the first place we were given a job to do. Most of the time we're just told to go with the main force, instead we constantly do our own thing because we know we're NOT supposed to be with the main force battalions. Often we go out of the way and flank the enemies which most people in other battalions already do, but that's besides that point. I don't get where you come off as thinking we're a joke either, we do our jobs just like anyone else. The only people who are special on the server are whomever the GM's hosting the event want to be during that event. @Not Sag does a rather fine job leading us.

    Remember who started the Battalion removal campaign: Fordo, Sag, Day, Sock, Clint, Korjak (Semi-successful)

    I will not speak on behalf of the 91st, but I will put some insight to how ARC is ran compared to the battalions on the server. ARC runs more like a squad, more than a Commando Squad, but less than a typical battalion. I believe there are about 15-18 total slots for ARC compared to normal battalions where it's like near 30 slots. @Not Sag and Bradley do occasionally host tryouts, Sag is from Australia, so like no one is ever on when he is (except for the weekends). 2. The tryouts are more challenging typically than others. The climb swep course is especially difficult for those new to it and lack training in it. 3. Not everyone has to be accepted into it. There are only 5 current jobs, ARC Trainee, ARC Trooper, ARC Sergeant or Lieutenant (I can't remember at the moment), ARC Captain, and ARC Commander. Being a trainee =/= getting into ARC until you're an ARC Trooper.

    With people on the server seeing a lack of ability to pass ARC tryouts, a lack demand to tryout for ARC, and adding other factors ,like having your commander be from a place (That doesn't exist) across the globe, meaning the tryouts will take place at rare times.

    Besides that, ARC does push to get members when it needs them. At the moment we have 5 members which we probably could attempt to get more, but no one ever tries out or they aren't be able to pass the tryouts.
  16. Ace1649

    Ace1649 Member

    You'd be given a job to do if you were disciplined enough.
  17. Fordo

    Fordo Active Member

    Hook me up with some suggestions and I'll let Sag know. :emoji_sunglasses:
  18. Mace

    Mace Super Moderator Moderator

    Keep 37th, add sub battalion medics to main force battalions that have a balance of active members. 91st and ARC are things for Commanders Meeting you can talk about them and convince people that ARC and 91st should be purged or whatever but no change can be made in that regard unless it literally gets removed by staff. Same goes for those other battalions. Personally I would just leave the battalions empty we don't have to remove them, we can just leave them empty till we need them later.