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Play downloadable games on ur PSP Street e1004

Discussion in 'Playstation Tutorials' started by HostReviewsPro, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. HostReviewsPro

    HostReviewsPro New Member

    Hi ,

    To play downloadable games on ur PSP e1004 with Official firmware 6.60 u need to get "660PRO-B10.fix1" and then put the files in ur PSP\GAME folder.

    Then start up your PSP and Hit X on "PROUPDATE" (You just need to do this once)

    After this there would be some Technical things on ur screen and your PSP will restart.

    Now you can play any ISO or Downloaded games on ur PSP directly from ur memory card without the need of an UMD.

    Every time u completely shutdown ur PSP and start it again..u just need to Hit X on the "FastRecovery" app and then start playing agan!


    Note : I could have given a link to the Download (But I just have a MediaFire Link with me)
  2. Motion

    Motion Member

    Don't own a PSP, but nice tutorial should help out those who do :)
  3. TheDerpKing

    TheDerpKing New Member

    Or you just just use Custom Firmware and Install the .iso