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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Referal, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Referal

    Referal Active Member


    Recently I've decided to give MuOnline another shot, mainly because I found a great alliance full of English speaking players. I'm in the '13thSign' Guild which is apart of the 'Legend' alliance. My Grand Master, which is my main character, is currently sitting at level 600. However, I'm aiming to get him to 700+, and eventually 800 so I can move on to my other characters.

    Since training in F2P at this level is not sensible considering everyone who has a high-level character in Global MuOnline has used P2P features to advance. If the entire game was F2P with F2P training speeds, I'd be fine with that. But since WebZen decided to use the Mu Store (press 'X' in-game, or visit the website) to sell Gold Channel tickets, and EXP boosting equipment, I'm not going to train for 30 days and gain the same amount of XP some can in a single day using these EXP boosting perks.

    That does bring on a whole new issue, since selling EXP is always a bad idea in any video game. You find yourself in this continuous loop of having to purchase a gold channel ticket to access the better EXP and drop rates, and then you're also always left knowing if you had perks like the Panda ring and Pet, and or a Seal of Wealth or Master Seal of Wealth in my case, that you'd be gaining a tremendous more amount of EXP while training.

    Once I max my character, I don't plan on rushing the others, I just wanted to have one character maxed so I could focus on his equipment and hunting bosses for drops, rather than gaining EXP.

    Some of the perks you can find in the Mu-Store:

    • Gold Channel Ticket, 7 Days: 600 Wcoins

    • Pet Panda, 7 Days: 700 Wcoins

    • Panda Ring, 7 Days: 500 Wcoins
    • (Master)Seal of Wealth, 7 Days: 700 Wcoins
    • (Master)Seal of Ascension, 7 Days: 500 Wcoins

    • Seal of Healing, 7 Days: 600 Wcoins

    TOTAL: 3,600 Wcoins

    Gold Channel Ticket
    Access to the P2P servers, 333% EXP boost(Master 200%)

    Pet Panda
    50% EXP increase, Collects Zen around player, Increases defensive skill +50

    Panda Ring
    Transform into a Panda, Zen increase by 50%, Damage /Wiz /Curse +30, When this ring is equipped with a pet(Panda / Skeleton), an additional 50% EXP rate will be applied.

    (Master)Seal of Wealth
    Increases gained experience by 100% and improves the item drop rate by 150%

    (Master)Seal of Ascension
    Increases experience gained by 50%

    Seal of Healing
    Increases gained EXP by 50%, Auto life increase at 5%, Level 400+, Master Seal of Wealth or Ascension is required to activate 150% EXP bonus, may e used with Seal of Ascension or Seal of Wealth, Cannot use with Seal of Divinity, When Master level uses this seal, another buff item should be overlapped to use.


    Bless of Light(Greater)
    30 Minutes of +200% EXP

    Note: The Blessing of Light comes in Low(50%), Medium(100%), and Greater(200%).


    With all the above EXP boosts combined you would have an EXP boost listed below, which I've summed using this calculator.

    -----Base EXP-----

    Base 100%
    Pet Effect 50%
    Pet, Transformations Ring Set 65%
    Master Seal of Wealth 100%
    Master Seal of Ascention 50%
    Seal of Healing Additional EXP 50%
    Blessing of Light 200%


    -----Final EXP-----
    5396 * 6.15 * 2.00 = 66370


    As you can see, the EXP boost being nearly 2,500% is absolutely absurd, and this is the definition of Pay-To-Win. WebZen, take notes. You'll be even more shocked when I tell you that I left out the 'Talisman of Ascention, I,II,III', the 15% boost for training in the Acheron map, and the 'Seal of Ascention II'. I went by what I could find currently in the shop on this date(2017-11-14).