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MC Revamp

Discussion in 'MC Announcements' started by Gray, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Gray

    Gray Holy Crusader Forum Administrator

    Hello everyone! As you can tell the server pop is down and is deeply in need of a pop or a spark. Now over this month I've been busy with looking at colleges/universities and aswell with the coding comp for Gmod *Communism intensifies*. Now it's time to get the server back on track, first I would like to hear all of your ideas that we can add to the server, of course please give a link to a plugin aswell as I'm not a top MC coder where I can make intense plugins that will turn shovels into a AK-47. So please, if you have any suggestions to help the server or to add to the server please tell/express them here...

    Also we've tried events but only 2 peeps showed.
  2. -hg- Andrew Wilson

    -hg- Andrew Wilson Member

    For one, we need to expand the market. There are only 14 items in it, and you cannot even sell diamond blocks there.
  3. Scotty

    Scotty The One and Only Moderator Premium

    Scotty is currently doing army things but will continue to pay for the server