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How often do you upgrade your PC?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Soulwatcher, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I like to upgrade my GPU every other year and I like to upgrade the CPU, MB, and Ram every 3 years. This upgrade cycle ensures that I am able to play all the latest games on Max~High settings. How about you? How often do you upgrade your PC?
  2. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I have to admit that I don't really upgrade my computer often. I probably should considering how many games I play and I know that GPU changes among other things can be a HUGE upgrade but I just think it can be a bit expensive. I can't afford to do it very often... plus I don't care too much about having the best computer in the world. I usually have the same computer for 4-5 years, if it dies then I buy new. I wish I knew more on how to build one myself from scratch but I only know how to change RAM, GPU, and PSU :D
  3. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I don't necessary have the best computer in the world. I stick to a $250~$400 budget for the video card and I usually buy the latest I5 processor. I try and keep my computer build down to $1000~$1200 for the whole computer. And there is no need for a new computer if your always upgrading.

    P.S. Youtube is a great place to learn how to build a computer. There are hundred of videos on how to build a computer.
  4. overcast

    overcast Member

    I can't think of upgrading every year. I just make sure to upgrade every 3 or more years later. That way I don't have to push myself much harder on the savings side. I guess most of the laptops these days days cost low. So it's not much of the problem. But for PC some processors and boards can be costly.
  5. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru New Member

    Very rarely, to be honest. The PC market moves a little slower than the console market so there's really no hurry so long as you don't go bottom barrel with your parts to begin with. Innovation int he consumer market has been severely bottle-necked for years so a mid-tier gaming PC has built-in future proofing for the moment.
  6. valy

    valy New Member

    Hi, I upgraded my Pc every year, because I want like my PC to have speed and not slowing down when I'm in the middle of the game. A good functioning of my own PC will bring me the victory in my games. So I prefer to keep it in a good shape just like I keep my body, clean and healthy :).
  7. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    On my case it depends. But so far the one main reason why I would change my GPU is when it's dead. That's the time that I will save up for a decent one which I believe would last for a couple of years.
  8. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    *cries in a corner* I only have a laptop and it's not upgradeable sadly due to its GPU being soldered onto the motherboard. The only things I could upgrade my laptop is my mouse and my drivers (I know, what a sad thing to say). But my friend always brings me to his plays every time he needs to upgrade as he doesn't really know how to deal with hardware that much. He would pick a part in the market, buy one and have me install it. It usually takes him around 1 year to replace something because he feels like it's not up to date anymore.
  9. TsuyoyRival

    TsuyoyRival Member

    I normally upgrade or update my setup every 3 years, since most new games start to under develop. By the way, i use a high-performance portable computer, and i prefer it mostly because i travel a lot :)
  10. Xilkozuf

    Xilkozuf Member

    Well my first serious gaming PC have over 6 years, so I think it's time to build a new one! I know it might be faster and cheaper to just upgrade the old one, but there are a lot of things to change and this way I might gift the old one to someone, or even sell it.
    Currently saving money for a new pc so, and I think that 6 years between each upgrade would be enough... Of course I'm talking about SERIOUS upgrades, with that much time!
  11. DenisHero

    DenisHero New Member

    I never upgraded my PC at graphics part.It is 9 years old,and I have only replaced the cooler and the power supply.
    Upgrading an old PC may cost more than buying a new one.Things cant be repaired for unlimited,and at some point need a fresh piece.
    Old computers are not compatible with many new components.If I would have a recent bought PC,I would probably upgrade RAM memory and CPU...hoping there wont be a need of any other.
  12. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    How do you mean when you say 'high-performance portable computer'? Is it like a mini version of the desktop computer?
    Is the monitor and case detachable?
  13. thart

    thart New Member

    It's been 4 years now since my last upgrade, but i think to upgrade every year is so nice to keep in touch with the newest games.
  14. fireball916

    fireball916 Member

    I built my old PC in 2008/2009 then the only thing I updated was the RAM. I upped it from 4GB to 8GB last year. I only did that because it was only $20 for an extra 4GB or RAM so I thought "why not?". Then about 4 months ago I built a new PC and have't updated/upgraded anything on it yet. I don't expect to have to or need to upgrade anything on it for at least a year. First thing I'm going to upgrade is the GPU cause the one I have now is a super cheap one.
  15. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    Only time I do that is if I'm unsatisfied with the current performance of the PC on a game I really like. Think Skyrim or Witcher 3 performance. Can't really enjoy an epic game when it lags or the environment has to render every 5 steps you take. I only do it though if I really like and appreciate the game and its graphics. When I played Fallout 4, I really didn't care that I was on low settings. I only played twice (2 playthroughs) and I couldn't even finish the second one because of all the damn radiant quests they kept throwing at me. No, you help out those settlements. I'm the boss around here. Make your own damn beds. It's not that hard.
  16. kgord

    kgord New Member

    I only upgrade my PC when I need a new one. I don't have the cash flow available to upgrade anything unless it is despartely in need of an upgrade. It is just one of the things that I need to do in the future. Right now, my equipment is OK with me, and that is good, because I can't get anything different.
  17. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    I don't upgrade mine very much mostly because I don't have the cash. Still the last time I upgraded it was a graphic card upgrade and it has boosted my performance quite a bit.
  18. Tania997

    Tania997 New Member

    I upgrade my graphic card every year, and CPU and other things after two years. As long as you don't want top performance in every game, you will be fine like this since the market on the PC doesn't really go fast, and even with a very performance demanding game you can select the right settings to make it start nice.
  19. forumheem

    forumheem New Member

    I actually don't upgrade it that often, I do it maybe once per few years. I think it is because I just don't play games that require the newest graphics card and the newest CPU. Also, I don't have that much money so I can't afford to upgrade my PC every month like some people do.
  20. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    Same here. But probably the most crucial component that you need to save up will probably be the graphics card. But unless if you are not into intense and hardcore gaming, the integrated graphics can still be of help.