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How do you fight gaming addiction?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Henrywrites, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    Let's get this straight, I am someone that enjoys playing games even when I should be sleeping. It's fresh in my memory back in those days when I play the game of Pes with some of my friends all through the night while many others are sleeping. This has got to show how addicted that I am to playing games.

    Of recent, with the coming of games on smartphones, I am not left out as well for I have lots of games on my device as well. This is the extent to how good I feel I want to be with playing game.

    However, I've noticed that playing games stops me from doing some other things that I want to do. So, I would be glad to read our views on ways that I should use to reduce it. Thanks as you share your views .
  2. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    The way I fight gaming addiction is very difficult I found it a 1st as I was addicted to a game a RolePlay game called Habbo Hotel it was difficult at 1st now its easier the method I used was found another addiction which was forums I really don't know how I landed here on forums tbh it was challenging at first 2nd option is take a break from gaming do other work watch tv draw and read a book that you like that always used to help me.
  3. pierrepotro

    pierrepotro New Member

    Well, first step is acknowledging the problem, and you already know that playing games stops you from doing other things. Find ways to make it more difficult to access your game when you want to play it, and the best thing to do if you're serious about it is to just uninstall your games and only leave 1 or 2 games. Then, set a schedule like you will only play every weekend. Thi way, your mind knows that you still get to play but you have to resist the urge to play during the other days so that you can work on the things that you want to do.
  4. Zeratul2020

    Zeratul2020 New Member

    Gaming addiction is not an issue for me and my kids because we make it a point to allot time for gaming and we don't play that long, only on weekends and holidays.
  5. Denis_P

    Denis_P Member

    I usually don't have to deal with gaming addiction, because most games that come out these days aren't all that addictive to me. But now and again, a game comes out that just grabs my attention and refuses to let go. The most recent example of this is Dark Souls Remastered. I've put in hundreds of hours since that game came out, and it only came out like a month ago.

    I got to the point where the only solution was deleting the game from my computer. The only reason this solution even works is because my current internet connection is so slow that it takes forever to download games again, so that basically gives me a period of time to stay away from the game and actually do the work I'm supposed to.

    Dark Souls is literally the only series of games that I get addicted to badly enough to have to use methods like that. It's just that the feeling of success and accomplishment after triumphing over challenges in these games is so darn tantalizing.
  6. Zeratul2020

    Zeratul2020 New Member

    I think that's a great solution for pc gaming addiction, but the problem is, what about console gaming? It's harder to throw away your console or your games right?