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Heroes of the Storm

Discussion in 'Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games' started by Sylar, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Sylar

    Sylar General Manager

    Anyone play heroes of the storm? What are your thoughts on it?

    I played it a little bit when it was in beta, I just never really got into the combat as much.
  2. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    I want to try it. As I love blizzard games, I think it would be alright. Probably not a game I would play often, but one I might play when I would like to just play something different.

    It is in my download que, and will let you know my first thoughts on it :)
    Sylar likes this.
  3. Sylar

    Sylar General Manager

    Look forward to hearing what you think of it! Yeah for me it was just a game I played when I got bored with everything else
  4. RivaCom

    RivaCom Member

    Here is my little Review.

    I for one, Hate WoW PVP, Hate most MMO PVP in general except when it's the source of gameplay(IE: Darkfall Online, Shadowbane, UO). I've also hated just about any MOBA i've tried from LoL , to Dota, even the Mobile Heroes of chaos(or whatever it's called). I play WoW , raid 2 nights a week, and with all my other projects, try to fit some other games into the mix when I can. Have been a general Blizzard fan, but wasn't a die hard SC player or Diablo Player. So I've strictly been only a WoW player since the RTS and on and off through WoW itself. My friend hits me up that Heroes is off closed beta and I should download it. I humor him and hit download and tell him I'll try it sometime. Next night hits and I figure I might as well fire the game up. Sign in, do the tutorial, get to the main screen. My friend jumps on and says, let's do some games together!

    So I start trying to figure it out, there's a weekly rotation of heroes to play for free, your levels persist even after the free week. There are 2 sets of levels, player and character. Each with it's own goodies. It is F2P with heroes, mounts, and skins being purchasable for money and most stuff being purchasable with in game gold. Most games last about 15-30 minutes each.

    After about 30 minutes into the actual play. I have to admit. I was hooked. I'm not sure why either, as I'm usually a , let's make the game harder type of guy. But HOTS took all the extra junk that I hated from other MOBA's and made it that much cleaner. Granted the game will not appeal to any die hard MOBA player probably but for us casual MOBA players. It's perfect.

    So, so far I've enjoyed it. Besides wow it's been my main game on off nights. I'm also on the hearthstone bus, but more so when I'm stuck somewhere with my phone. I would definitely give it a 2-3 game try. If it still doesn't appeal to you then it probably won't.
    Sylar likes this.
  5. Sylar

    Sylar General Manager

    Really great review! I think what you say about the fact that it doesn't appeal to the hardcore MOBA crowd really hits the nail on the head. For me I really do see how it's competitive, and don't get me wrong it can be really challenging, but it just lacked that edge that LoL perfectly satisfies for me.
  6. PSyCHoHaMSTeRza

    PSyCHoHaMSTeRza New Member

    I really enjoy it. It just has so much less to worry about than LoL and Dota. One of the things that I stuggle with in Dota is the items. I don't have the attention span to memorize the recipes, which items work best with which heroes and against which heroes, situational items and all those things. Secondly is the shared XP pool, which makes playing support more fun. You can focus more on actually supporting your team instead of worrying about getting some creeps or a hero kill somewhere just to keep up in terms of levels.

    Also, those objectives you get in each map is a nice twist, adds a little variety to the normal pushing lanes formula.
    Sylar likes this.
  7. Robbie626

    Robbie626 New Member

    My ex boyfriend played this game a lot and he always force me to play with him regardless of being a full time student with 14 units.The game was fun, but it was not my great interest though.
  8. Javo1096

    Javo1096 New Member

    I get why a large amount of peolple don't put too much trust or support in this game and that is because it's Blizzard's vision on how they can make a MOBA, adding a ton of Warcraft type of things, the characteristic humour and all that. In the end with all the hate it can get I still think it's a well designed game that offers another point of view to those who like playing this kind of games but also love the universes Blizzard has created.
  9. missionreport

    missionreport New Member

    Well it was an interesting move and idea on the creator's part for sure. I mean it was pure fan service from the beginning of the trailer. Imagine, fighting against the lich king playing as Kerrigan, it's like a fan boy's dream come true. I haven't really played the game myself but I think it's one of the better moba games out there if you ask me.
  10. valy

    valy New Member

    Hy Sylar I am not playing this game because it's too hard for me and offers a limited strategy to win, there is a map objective to dictate you what to do. I think that people who don't know how to play with strategy have nothing to do with this game!
  11. RosieDaven

    RosieDaven New Member

    I've been playing the game for aprox. 3 months. (I registered 5 months ago.) I remember my boyfriend nagging me to play with him, but I was like "God no, this looks boring." Now I'm way too enthusiastic to play this game.

    The soundtrack is amazing (p.s.: I haven't played any other Blizz game, I know, I'm a noob), the maps also, it's fun. Though god save me from the bug-map, I forgot its name. :persevere: There's a variety of heroes, it's not impossible to collect the gold for the ones you want to have. Stimpacks are in the lootchests, mostly I had at least one rare, but I do tend to get legendary too. It's pretty addicting, while playing (especially if you have a team) you just forget the time. And this is what I need. This is my deep dark secret :D

    My favourite heroes are Nova, Tracer, Butcher, Li-Ming, Brightwing. Especially Brightwing. That creature is just so cute, and the voicelines are killing me. If you have the Brightwing Announcer, when the core is under attack, it will say The core feel ouchie, or something like that. So. Damn. Adorable. Okay, enough rambling. What level are you on guys? Who are your fave heroes? :zombiewhistling: Or fave map? :D
  12. cesarmatute

    cesarmatute New Member

    I have always wanted to play this game, but I still haven't even tryied it yet, but I've seen a lot of YouTube videos and the game looks awsome. It's like a Blizzards All-star game, of course most of characters come from World of Warcraft cause that's the most developed game from Blizzard. Right now I'm playing another game and I barely have free time, but when I have some I feel like I'm going to try Heroes of the Storm.