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GTA V - Favorite Character?

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by Stealth, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Stealth

    Stealth Active Member

    I was wondering who you guys like the most in GTA V. I prefer Trevor because he is hilarious and is always doing something hilarious when you spawn him.
  2. Squizls

    Squizls Member

    He has the detailed character and also has a great voice actor!

    I feel like the others just don't have the same "magic" in there voice.
  3. htb24

    htb24 New Member

    I would say Trevor as he seems to be the most complex character with a real storyline to him. I really don't like the north of the map though as all of the cars are bad and its just trailers for miles. I would probably say Franklin then as he has a cool house and car and lives right in the city which is convenient.
  4. Practical

    Practical New Member

    I would say Michael. Michael is the richest out of all of the three. He has kids, a wife, a ton of cars, and a very nice home. Michael is also the most aggresive one yet. So, yeah. Michael is my favorite. :)
    TheRoaringLion likes this.
  5. Toxique

    Toxique Well-Known Member

    Good to see someone who's favorite isn't Trevor haha. I would have to agree with you, I say Michael too.
  6. Fuzed

    Fuzed Active Member

    Why? Let me explain mother fucker. My name is Michael, so we are twinning. The nigga is rich af. He has a hot daughter AND wife. His son is a cuck. He has a nice fucking house. Nice car. Something you jews won't be able to ever get. He is better than the white trash and negro gentleman. That is all.
  7. Voi

    Voi Active Member

    He also has a wife who has sex with the tennis instructor person(?).

    So yeah!
  8. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

    I think that's a downside. xd
  9. Fuzed

    Fuzed Active Member

    But guess what? The nigga went and destroyed the dude's back patio thing. Made it fall right to the ground, mother fucker. DON'T MESS WITH MICHAEL DESANTA W00000000T.
  10. Ahab

    Ahab New Member

    Mine, from GTA Online.
    Ahahah :D But seriously I really like all the characters from the main story. The one I probably like the most is Lamar. He's HILARIOUS and I'd like a game entirely about him. Or an expansion, that would be ok too. It's cool though that Rockstar Games made some missions with Lamar as your boss in GTA Online, so at least I'm going to see more of him there. :D
    Patrick likes this.
  11. jrhoads

    jrhoads New Member

    Michael is pretty interesting because he seems pretty normal, but he can be completely crazy sometimes. Trevor is crazy all the time, but when Michael gets crazy you know something big is happening. Michael also has a surprisingly complex character, with his ambiguous mental problems. His character shows how wealth does not necessarily mean happiness and he talks about some pretty complex themes sometimes.
  12. sketchyy

    sketchyy New Member

    Why is nobody giving love to Lamar? That dude must be the funniest character present in any GTA so far. Even though he's a simple side-character, his lines are just so damn funny. Constantly making fun of Franklin, making a fool of himself, he's just hella funny. And the resemblance between the in-game character and the voice actor is amazing. Hell, they should make single player DLC based on Lamar. Would be funny as hell.
  13. PackmanHD

    PackmanHD New Member

    Everybody has pretty much said it so far, but I definitely think Trevor is the best character in GTA V. I just love how unpredictable and completely (for lack of a better term) mental he is!

    I loved all the other characters as well, but Trevor just really had a unique aspect to his character, and I literally could not stop laughing when Trevor basically kidnapped Martin Madrazo's wife, no one could have pulled that off but him :D
  14. Dabstin

    Dabstin New Member

    Everyone's favorite, Trevor. He's insanity incarnate. Despite that however, he also has his moments where you truly admire how far he'd go for his friends.
  15. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 New Member

    I actually had Trevor as my least favorite of the three main characters, I think his character is pushed a little too hard by the game but that's just my opinion. Also, his special is not really all that great when you compare it to Franklin and Michael. I had Franklin as my favorite character and Michael as a close second. This is probably because my favorite video game of all time is GTA San Andreas and I love the gang aspect.
  16. jahanzeb ali qureshi

    jahanzeb ali qureshi New Member

    Everyone has his own choice. I love to play GTA and mine favorite character Trevor. I like his voice a lot. There are so many unique things attached to his personality. I love th way he acts. Another favorite character is Lamar. He is so simple but i love the way when he talks. I felt it so funny and i love the voice of all these characters.
  17. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    Personally, Michael was my favorite throughout the story. I just loved his entire setup! I did feel however, he had a family that really didn't think much of him. Franklin brought back excellent GTA San Andreas memories with his connection to Grove Street. So I liked how he tied in as well. And Trevor rounded off the bunch. So they all had a twist that added interest to the game itself during story mode. But If I had to choice one favorite character it would probably be Michael.
  18. Empire

    Empire Member

    I like the dog :p chops. It's an good dog that like to play around and with mods and scripts that you now can use in your game based you can walk around like chops as an nice dog.

    So I Like the dog character :)
    Jonathan Solomon likes this.
  19. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin

    Mine would probably be Franklin. I just love his style, attitude and everything else. I do like Michael and Trevor but not as much as Franklin. When playing single player free-roaming I've always got Franklin selected.
  20. dbwv

    dbwv New Member

    Gotta be Trevor for me. Mostly because he reminds me of some of the people from where I grew up. He actually closely resembles one of the friends I grew up with and hung out with for years.....He was a WILD dude!! He was crude, he liked to drink, he liked to fight, he took ZERO crap from anyone.....he was a rough dude, but we were cool so it didn't bother me.

    They were all decent characters, though.