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Currency System and Shop Updates

Discussion in 'GameRebels Announcements' started by Jordan, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Administrator

    We have finished with the new installation of the new system. Both the currency system and the shop has been completely re done. The old system that was in place is by a developer no longer being supported by me and many others. Therefore, it was time to invest into a new system.

    The new shop system!
    The new shop is a much more organized system. We have added several categories including steam games, gift cards, user info / profile edits, and more to come! We want your suggestions! With the summer sale about to hit, we plan on stocking up ALL of our games, and adding LOTS MORE! Well also cutting some prices by up to 80%!

    New Currency System!
    The new system which replaced the old one is a little different in terms of how you gain your rebellions. You still earn your rebellions for posting, and creating threads. However, the system does not support quality control at the moment. Which also means, you no longer get a bonus for posting longer, better quality posts. Hopefully this can be added soon! We would also like to take this note that you no longer gain Rebellions by posting in the Introductions, or off topic sections. This is to help prevent people from spamming these boards to try and get as much rebellions as possible. We hope to create a help section focusing on our currency system, letting you know what he currency is, and how you can earn it.

    Transfer your rebellions!
    After much deliberation, you are now able to transfer your rebellions to other users. We initially figured the transfer of the currency could result in more people trying to cheat the system into getting free games. However, after reviewing both the positives and the negatives, the ultimate decision was made to allow our users to transfer or trade it. We believe it could create a stronger economy within out site. Thus, generating greater value for the currency.
    John has a second steam key for a game he enjoy. He is willing to trade the game with Jane for 10 rebellions.
    If you wish to be able to send your rebellions to other users, click your wallet, than click "transfer". Alternatively, you can click below:

    Purchase Rebellions*
    Many other websites offer an entire new portal or donation manager to allow users to buy in game items or perks. We want to keep everything as smooth as possible. We really do not have plans on creating a shop and sub domain for every single game server we host, and then have to mandate everything individually. We are now in the mist of creating a complex system for our game servers. Due to all of this, users will be able to buy in game items, premium membership, and bonus materials on our severs with Rebellions instead of cash. therefore, users will be able to purchase rebellions and then in turn, be able to buy these items from our shop using the newly purchased currency.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this new change. Let us know! We love hearing feedback and suggestions!

    *We want to remind everyone that selling rebellions for cash yourself on a private manner is against our rules.
    Sylar likes this.
  2. Sylar

    Sylar General Manager General Manager

    Awesome stuff here! About to head over to the shop and see what the new stuff looks like! :)
    Also the purchasing rebellions sounds really cool. Hope the implementation of that with the servers works as well as it sounds like it will!
  3. \\Vexel

    \\Vexel New Member

    Yup Awesome way to keep your members engaged and posting, you get such an awesome reward out of it plus you help a community grow :D
    Jordan and Sylar like this.
  4. Martin

    Martin Member

    Sounds much better than what we had previously, we still need Playstation store top ups though :)
    Jordan likes this.
  5. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Administrator

    On the to do list :)
    It is just tricky with these.
    I live in Canada, so I have to find a legit retailer who sells USA Playstation cards. Or find a card that is not region locked.
  6. Martin

    Martin Member

    I presumed that could be an issue, even the US ones is a problem for people like me in the UK.
  7. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Administrator

    Ya, Xbox has some non region locked cards, but playstation does not :(
    Buying a UK version would also be more expensive due to conversion, which would cause it to also cost more rebellions then a normal US card.

    Like I said, the entire thing is tricky. However, still looking into ways to implement it :p