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CS: Source

Discussion in 'Counter-strike: Global Offensive' started by Gytix, May 15, 2016.

  1. Gytix

    Gytix New Member

    Didn't know where else to post this, so screw it..

    I'm in love with CS:GO and it's competitive scene but I still spend more time in Source! I play a lot so was wondering if any of the CS:GO players would ever be up for jumping in for a few games at some point?
  2. Voi

    Voi Active Member

    After playing GO i cant touch Source anymore, feels so weird.
  3. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    I have played Counter Strike: Source quite a lot so when I played CS:GO it did not feel weird, well at least for me. I felt like I was still playing source but just with other online players. I used to play Counter Strike: Source offline so maybe I guess that was the only difference I ever noticed, and also the skins and maps.
  4. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I have never played CS: Source before. Back then, my preferred shooter games were always from the Call of Duty franchise. I have CS:GO on Steam because I bought a key for it super cheap.

    Even the CS:GO I don't really play that often. As much as I like the game I could never properly get into it - I never spent hours and hours playing it. Perhaps because I was too used to more dynamic FPS (movement wise). I always kept trying to aim down sight.

    What are even the differences between the CS: Source and CS:GO beside the graphics and maps?
  5. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    What's the difference with the two? I've played CS 1.6 and recently started CSGO, but this odd ball game is like a middle ground between the two, but since I have 2 games already I don't feel the need to get a third one of basically the same game with just different maps. It's still gonna be people shooting at each other; don't need 3 different games of the same game to see the pattern.
  6. forumheem

    forumheem New Member

    After I started playing CS:GO there is no way I am going back to source. Source seems worse in every possible way, there are fewer players, worse graphics, gameplay is worse, the game is not being developed.
  7. djdanilo

    djdanilo New Member

    I agree, I didn't really play Source that much, played a lot of 1.6, but after playing CS GO, there is no chance I would go back. Maybe I could play 1.6, but there is no way I could play Source again. But I guess all three games are the same in terms of pattern, as OursIsTheFury said, its just you get used to one game and graphics and the older game just seem obsolete.