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Contributor Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jordan, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    The Contributor Trading is a special trading section available to all contributors. If you are not a contributor, or would like more information on it, visit the link below:
    {link here}

    Taming Related Trades:
    → Make up to 2 taming related trade requests per month.

    Kibble Trade

    Trade In: Any Type of Kibble or Eggs
    Receive: The Kibble, Eggs, or Preferred Food to tame the dino of your choice.
    Limit: Request up to the kibble amount to tame a level 150.
    Example: Trade In 10 Dodo Eggs To Recieve 10 Raptor Kibble.

    Tusoteuthis Kibble Trade / Black Pearl Trade
    Trade In: 750 metal ingots or 1,500 metal
    Receive: 50 Black Pearls.
    Example: Trade in 750 metal ingots and receive 50 black pearls.

    Tranq Dart Trade
    Trade In: 100 Tranq Arrows.
    Receive: 50 Tranq Darts.

    Longneck Rifle Trade
    Trade In: Any crossbow or compound bow.
    Receive: A normal quality Longneck Rifle.

    Item Trading:
    → Make up to 2 item trade requests per month.

    Medical Brews
    Trade In: 200 Narcotics
    Receive: 100 Medical Brews
    Limit: Up to 1,000 Medical Brews

    Trade In: 100 Narcotics
    Receive: 100 Stimulants
    Limit: 10-500 Stimulants

    Trade In: 50 Black Pearls
    Receive: 10 Element
    Limit: Up to 100 Element

    Trade In: 400 Oil
    Receive: 400 Gasoline
    Limit: 800 Gasoline

    Desert Armor
    Trade In: Flak Armor (Head, Torso, Gloves, Pants Boots)
    Receive: Desert Armor (Head, Torso, Gloves, Pants Boots)
    Limit: Up to 2 sets.

    Adobe Structures
    Trade In: Any metal structures.
    Receive: Equivalent Adobe structures.
    Limit: As many as you'd like.

    Special Transfers
    → Make up to 2 special transfer requests every month.

    Element, Tribute Item & Trophy
    Contributors may request element, tribute items or trophies be transferred from one map to another.

    Special Trading
    → Make up to 1 special trade request every month

    Admin-Colored Tame
    An admin will color your tamed dino to colors of your choice.

    Imprint-Boosted to 100%
    Hatched/Bred Tames:
    Boost your hatched/bred imprint to 100%. Must be imprinted at least once to gain rider bonus.

    Imprint Stats On Non-Breedables:
    Boost special dinos to gain imprint bonuses on your stats. Available to non-breedable/non-imprintable creatures, which includes the griffin and mantis. Not available for Aberration creatures.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.