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Brief Status update

Discussion in 'Talk About the Community' started by Trisha Demilion™, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Trisha Demilion™

    Trisha Demilion™ Member

    Still alive! I'm still here, alive, sort of well (Not really, drama, and other stupid shit in my life), for those who care.

    I want to apologize for not being active on the forums recently. Been almost a week, and not a peep. As I mentioned before, I got caught up in a pretty large event in my house, which inevitably forced me to leave it abruptly without any sort of notice, which means all I took from the house was some clothes and my phone. I now have my pc set up in the place I'm currently at, but hopefully, I can get home within the coming months, because this basement stinks.

    Just wanted to give a brief update and a small...window...More like a peephole....Into my life for validation, I should be poking around the forums more often now, sorry for not uhh. Being here? I guess?

    To close the update:

    Kay bye
  2. Paladin$

    Paladin$ Protto Virus Protection *Scam Artist*

    Welcome back to earth

    MICHAEEMEKA New Member

    thats really cool it shows you care about th forum anyway am a new member its an meeting a warm friend like you.
    Paladin$ likes this.