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Board Wide Updates

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Jordan, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    Some updates to the forum have been making it's way in slowly. All are minor updates. Mostly cosmetic. These have been making it's way on to our forum within the past two weeks.

    Animated Avatars
    Previously you where able to upload your GIFs as an avatar, but the animation would only show up on member cards and your profile page. I am now pleased to announce, all animated GIFs will show up in forum posts and threads :) Users of PTM, if you had an animated gif prior to this update, you may need to re upload it for this to take effect!

    More Points!
    Creating threads and posting to replies now generates you more rebellions than before. This is currently due to the fact that our new currency system does not give out bonus's to those who create more quality posts. It is not a lot at the moment, but we plan to introduce new ways to earn rebellions!

    A reminder from our last update:
    More Smileys
    A couple more hundred smilies has been added to the board :)
    We have extended the original smiley site along with adding several more categories. I hope to add some gaming smilies soon :)

    Forum Merge
    With out going into to much detail, we have bought out another community and had them merged with us. We welcome all their users, and we hope our current users can help us make them feel welcomed and at home. We realize not everyone may be supportive of this, but what is done is done. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please let us know!

    Live Faveicon
    The boards Favicon will now show you your current number of alerts and conversations. Nothing too special here. Just another cosmetic update :)
    Sylar, iNinetails and Martin like this.
  2. Martin

    Martin Member

    Good updates, I love the live Favicon thing because I often keep forum tabs open whilst doing other things so nice to know when there is some activity.
    Xanthosh likes this.
  3. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

    Good to see, good to hear, and looking forward to more. :)
  4. TheDerpKing

    TheDerpKing New Member

    These are some good updates!
  5. Xanthosh

    Xanthosh New Member

    Fantastic updates!
    Yup, what you describe's true.

    And also it helps, us community members, and the whole internet in turn with these updates, in a sense. Though, the internet part's kind of dramatic, if I say so myself.
  6. RivaCom

    RivaCom Member

    Curious on what site was bought out?
  7. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

  8. Zane

    Zane Premium Subscriber Premium

    Good job glad to see this site going somewhere
  9. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    Some nice and handy features here, good job.
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Not open for further replies.