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Any Must-try Rpgs?

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by randolm, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. randolm

    randolm New Member

    As the title mentions I was wondering about any potentially overlooked RPGs (in other words not FF) for the PS line since all I know is FF and tales of series. Mainly interested in PS3 and older since my PS2 library is only 6 games lol. (and yes I know of neir automa but thats not exactly overlooked)

    (Also please mention which system its on so its better organized, thanks)
  2. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Active Member

    I would check out Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout New Vegas GOTY, Skyrim GOTY and Oblivion GOTY. All of those games are made by Bethesda and each game will give you at least 100+ hours of gameplay per game. And I am sure that you can pick them up super cheap for the PS3. I recommend checking ebay, amazon, newegg, and gamestop and go with whoever gives you the cheapest price.
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  3. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    You've got to try Rogue Galaxy for the PS 2. It's an awesome action RPG with cel - shaded graphics. The story is a bit generic but the characters are loveable. There are so many places to visit. And when I say places, I'm talking about different planets! It's like guardians of the Galaxy wherein the main characters hop on their ship and go from one planet to another.
    The game actually looks pretty good even if it's on the PS 2. It's like watching a cartoon.

    And probably the best action RPG for the PS 2 is Okami. You have to own this game. It's also cel-shaded, it has beautiful animations, and looks like you're playing an oil painting.
    The game takes place in a land taken over by darkness and it is your duty to restore the world to its former glory. You control the wolf named okami who is actually the sun god. You have at your disposal a wide array of spells that you can use to solve puzzles and thwart the baddies.
  4. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I agree with Soulwatcher. You definitely have to check out Bethesda and their games. They are legendary for making one of the best RPGs. I especially suggest the Elder Scrolls. You can waste so, so many hours on those games... You will really have plenty of things to do and a big world to explore. Besides those I also suggest checking out the Dragon's Age franchise and Mass Effect - all three but skip the latest one because it isn't good.

    Another hidden RPG gem for older consoles is also Dragon's Dogma. I highly recommend it.
  5. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    Oh definitely! Bethesday excels in reating quality games for sure. I love the amount of detail they put into every game from graphics and gameplay to hidden items and side quests.Those types of games are really the best cost effective. It's where you'll get the most content for the money you spent. Skyrim is a personal favorite of mine