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Android Phones?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by FlashDown, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. FlashDown

    FlashDown New Member

    What are your feelings about Android giving out new phones almost every 2-4 months. It seems like right after they give us a new phone, a few months later, there is another phone. They have so many phones out now that it is hard to know which is new or not. I currently have the Droid X and don't plan on getting another android phone for a long time.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Smokey

    Smokey Active Member

    I was gonna go android but then I saw all these new phones coming out month after month and decided on an iPhone instead. However, the iPhone is just as bad with a new iteration each year....guess you can't win no matter which you choose, you'll always be outdated as soon as you buy either.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    You guys also have to understand that andriod is just the opperating system not the make. The reason why new phones are out all the time is because there are a bunch of companies that use andriod, samsung, motorolla, and htc just to name a few. Which also makes andriod another postive thing. You have several phones to choose from and not just one.

    What you are comparing is an operating system and the iphone. Which is not entirely fair. If you want to make it fair you have to compare the iphons OSX. Which you can only get on the iphone.
    To compare and iphone with an andriod you would have to compare it with a select phone so lets just say its top competitor, the Galaxy S3.

    Either way, I like that you have an entire selection of phones to choose from instead of just one. & to say they come out every 2-4 months just select a make and it will only be about once every 1-2 years just like apple. Samsung comes out with their new phones around the same time period. Can't really compair having all samsung, htc, motorolla, etc with all of their phones coming out and comapre it with the one iphone.
  4. pioneerauthor

    pioneerauthor New Member

    Mobile phones operating the Android operating System all have an identical group of features provided by the Operating System. The Android Operating System was created to be operating on smart phones, mobile phones which can run a number of Java established applications that provide the telephone added functionality. Furthermore, to basic mobile and text message/media messaging services, Google android phones have a number of online services and applications.

    Google android is a cellular phone operating system produced by the search service provider known as Google. Applied to a multitude of smart phones, Android Operating System happens to be the top selling mobile operating System on the planet. Android can be an available source of Operating System, permitting anyone develop their own software to be operating on Android platforms.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  5. Dan bers

    Dan bers New Member

    The good thing about Android is that is affordable and easy to use. For this reason, android has the upper hand when it comes to users. My advice if you want to purchase an Android phone and need not want to get back to the shop, consider hardware properties like processors, the camera, RAM, the internal storage, battery (4000mAh +) and a well-established brand like hTc, Sony, Lg... the list is intermediate. There, problem solved :smirk:
  6. Cauohashi

    Cauohashi New Member

    I have a smartphone with Android operating system and it works great, is fast and does everything I need.
    I think the Android system is always evolving, and this is good for the user who can enjoy a cell phone more efficient and with more functions.
  7. hermessantos

    hermessantos New Member

    I have an opinion similar to yours!
    I have an Android phone purchased in 2011 ... It seems like a long time, but I just do not give much importance to cell phones. Each day we have new models and new versions of Android. So it is difficult to keep up and keep updating.
    I honestly do not have plans to change my cell phone at the moment.
  8. Empire

    Empire Member

    running windows phone here :(