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  1. PingPongCall

    Good Adventure PC game

    You should play Deponia. It's a point and click adventure style game that's beautifully animated. I think its like $0.90 on GOG at the moment, or maybe indie gala, not sure, point is you can find it super cheap and it's an amazing game.
  2. PingPongCall

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    Many middle aged women and lobbyist would strongly disagree with you there.
  3. PingPongCall

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    I think the term offensive, is really subjective to the individual playing the game. If you're willing to be offended by something made to entertain or more to the point, something that doesn't even exist, should you really be allowed to have an opinion in the first place.
  4. PingPongCall

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Horror Stories

    I bought a 360 back when they were first released. Waited in line for hours and a week after it was plugged in, it stopped working. I wasn't even given the curtsy of a red ring, it simply wouldn't power on. After getting a replacement from Microsoft(stores everywhere were sold out) it got a red...
  5. PingPongCall

    What mobile games do you play?

    Just played it and now I hate myself because I can't stop playing it.
  6. PingPongCall

    The Last Game You Lost Sleep Over

    Wow, I honestly can't think of one. It's been a long time. Maybe... Um... Shit. Final Fantasy 12.i guess.
  7. PingPongCall

    Wii U friends

    Well you should change that. I need someone new to play Mario kart and smash Bros with since cloud is here and Bayonetta will be shortly
  8. PingPongCall

    What mobile games do you play?

    I've never heard of doodle jump, is it exactly what it sounds like or is there more to it then don't fall?
  9. PingPongCall

    Favorite Casual Mobile Games

    I still suck at cut the rope. That game makes my head sad.
  10. PingPongCall

    What mobile games do you play?

    Those card based RPG's annoy me, Plgue Inc. on the other hand is something I still play non stop. It's such a well made game especially when you consider the minimal development time that was put into it at first.
  11. PingPongCall

    Favorite Game Engine?

    Frostbite is my favorite platform to work on by far. It's got a pretty wicked learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it's by far the simplest. If your looking for an all in one package though, unity is really the only way to go.
  12. PingPongCall

    Minecraft Ps3&4

    Does anyone have the console version of this. My PSN is Synistar777, I don't play it much, only because it gets boring playing by yourself all the time. Adventure mode can only take you so far before you begin beating your head against a wall from repetition.
  13. PingPongCall

    Wii U friends

    We need a thread for everyone to post their friend codes. I like to play smash with new people whenever I can, so get to it you fools. My wii U name is PingPongCall
  14. PingPongCall

    Favorite PC Game ?

    Never played amnesia, not sure what the appeal is. Can't you not look at the monster without dying or am I thinking of some other game?
  15. PingPongCall

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    Did anyone hear ever play th edonkey Kong country Hames on the snes. Those can be replayed over and over and over. They're just so much God damn fun.
  16. PingPongCall

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    I also tried really hard to get into Dota, but that game has a straight stupid learning curve.
  17. PingPongCall

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    The binding on Issac is SO GOD DAMN Hard. It makes me unbelievably angry. I can never seem to stop playing it though, I wish it was on a head held though.
  18. PingPongCall

    What is the #1 most played song on your iPod/phone, etc?

    Killstardo Abominate by Dethklok
  19. PingPongCall

    Any one getting the Twilight Princess HD remake with wolflink amiibo?

    I'm not even going to try finding the Amiibo but I'll FERdEfUniTS be getting the game. It was my favorite entry in the series.
  20. PingPongCall

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    Star Ocean 3. There is so much crap to do in that game that even after ten years I'm still not tired of playing it. Also Skyrim, but that's really just an obvious one isn't it.